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Use this form to request a review on GivingNSharing or Classic Children's Books. This form is new for me so if you have any trouble using it please let me know by clicking here. When you request a review please tell me about the product or service you would like reviewed and also if you are interested in a giveaway. If you host a giveaway on GivingNSharing or Classic Children's Books I will need to know what entries you would like people to do. I will ask you this when I contact you by email - so don't feel you have to answer this on the form. I do all reviews on 2 blogs:  

Classic Children's Books:
This blog is for Children's books for kid's 0-16'ish. These books can be series, educational, fiction, non-fiction, activity, etc. I am very choosy about language, sexual content and violence. If these themes are in the book - I will post a comment or warning about the content so parents are aware of this. I also share age suggestions and whether a parent should read the book first or with the child so they are prepared for questions and the need to discuss the theme/content.

GivingNSharing is dedicated to adults books (mostly Christian), healthy living, cooking and life in general. I do product reviews, recipes, giveaways, etc. As above if the content is questionable or something a parent needs to know I will add my comments about this to the review.

**I do not feel it is my job to censor books and will not necessarily turn down a book due to this kind of content. I do however feel a responsibility to my readers (young and old) to share High Quality books - all reviews will be my honest opinion, fair and complete. 

Note: All giveaways and reviews will have a disclaimer similar to this: "I was given a copy of When the Heart Cries by Cindy Woodsmall as part of the Blogging For Books program. No money exchanged hands and I wasn't required to write a positive review." or "This review and giveaway was sponsored by __________. They provided a ______ for review and generously provided another as a giveaway for one of GivingNSharing's readers. Thanks! No money exchanged hands and I wasn't required to write a positive review."

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  1. Hi, Tina. I'm a raised-on-classics-read-'em-to-my-own-kids gal, so I very much appreciate your blog. My own YA/middle grades novel, The Flying Burgowski, is due out next month. It's a low fantasy/coming-of-age story about a girl who, in the midst of struggling with the challenges of a split family and an alcoholic mom, discovers she can fly. I was hoping to request a review, but I thought I should check with you first about language usage. My heroine's older brother swears on occasion, which I depict with the first letter followed by dashes. If this is not your cup of tea, I fully understand. However, if you think this would be acceptable (it's not frequent in the book, and there is almost no violence--which, by the way, I consider much worse than swearing), then I would be happy to fill in a request form. Thank you!