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God Helps Me Bible ~ Book Review

~ Book Review

God Helps Me Bible
by Juliet David
illustrated by Clare Caddy
ISBN: 978-1-85985-916-2 
Toddlers, Beginning readers
$11.04 (spiral bound)

My thoughts:
This little bible contains 25 stories from the Old and New Testaments which introduce toddlers (and some older babies who are gentle with books that have thicker paper type pages) to many popular characters from the Bible. The stories are about 1 1/2 to 2 pages long and use large print and each ends with the location of the story in the Bible. You'll find 12 stories from the Old Testament - Noah, Abraham & Isaac, Joseph, Samuel, David & Goliath, Esther, Daniel & Jonah and 13 stories from the New Testament - all but one of the stories are about Jesus including the shepherd finding Baby Jesus, the Wise Men, many of the miracles - water to wine, a blind man sees, the healing of the man lowered through the roof, loaves & fishes and Zaacheous. The only NT story not about Jesus is the story of how Paul got out of Jail.

Please note that there is no mention of the death & resurrection of Jesus (I thought they would of included the resurrection & the ascension) and while several of the stories have "big" words like frightened and astonished overall your child should grow to love having their own Bible and want to read it with you. It will be a great start to including a small devotional in the morning and/or while waiting in the car or to go somewhere.

The God Helps Me Bible is a small Bible ideal for toddlers who need short, concise stories for short attention spans and uses words & concepts tailored for the littlest child so each story clearly emphasizes how God loves & helps us. It features spiral binding with a thick hardback cover so children can lie on their tummies and look at the book, the pages lie flat and each 2 page spread has a full page picture in bright colors. The illustrations are really cute, engaging and will introduce children to simple details that aren't overwhelming with busyness.

About the Author: 
Juliet David has written many children's stories and Bible activity books. Her other interests include painting, music, and traveling to Israel and other Bible lands. This experienced author lives in London with her family.  

I received a copy of the God Helps Me Bible from Kregel Publications to review on Classic Children's Books. I was not required to write a positive review and no money exchanged hands.

FREE Summer Activities.....

Hi everyone! Did I tell you? I have a FT job this summer watching my friend Rhonda's 2 kids. Jake is 9 1/2 and his sister Elizabeth (Lizzie) is just about 7. So I've been doing a little research on things we can do this summer that aren't over expensive.

If you live near a skating alley you should check this out:

SkateDaze supports
(Weekday tickets start June 1)

FREE Bowling?

Kids Bowl Free
(Click PIC to see if YOUR state is participating)
In Omaha Kids are FREE every day @

Do you have any other ideas (FREE/Very Inexpensive) that I can check into for Summer Activities?

Friday, April 27, 2012

iPad announcement for Parents & Kids!

Have an iPad? Usborne Books has joined together with DemiBooks to create High Quality interactive books for your kids to enjoy!

Available April 30th in the App Store! Be the first to download the new Storytime Reader App for iPad! It has a selection of children’s book apps for users to purchase, read and rate.

Demibooks Storytime has a selection of top children’s book apps for users to purchase, read and rate. They feature selected publishers and independent authors/illustrators & are also excited to partner with EDC’s direct sales team, Usborne Books and More. =D

Some of the books coming are:
(Click here: It's Almost Time to see my review)

 It's Almost Time Boom Bah!

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Trisha asks....

Trisha asks:  "Would love to get my grandson to read more. I read to him all the time as he was growing up and then at around 7 he didn't want me to read to him anymore. He is 10 now and a great reader but doesn't like to sit and read and just chill out. He loves to visit the library and look at books but if we bring any home he won't read them. I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to how I can get him really interested in a good book and actually take the time to read just a chapter or two a night or suggestions on a good book that after reading the first chapter he is hooked and can't put the book down? Thank You!"
A few thoughts.... 
Hi Trisha - Does he have any favorite subjects? One thing to remember about boys is that they LOVE Non-Fiction. Fiction? Not so much. It's that analytical/practical brain that God gave them. =D 
1) It sounds like you have already tried having him pick out a book or two at the bookstore. And that hasn't worked so well. So, I have a few thoughts for you to try this summer:
Between Two Ends a) Make it a "date" each week to take a trip to the library or your local book store. Bring one of his friends with you and have them pick out a book that they would like to read and then discuss with you the next week during your "date". Have hot chocolate (yes, I know it's summer), ice tea, a smoothie - what ever and then talk about what they think is happening on the cover of the book and what do they think is going to happen in the book? If you have time have the boys take turns reading the first chapter - maybe they can alternate with the paragraphs (you read too). Then plan on getting together the next week to discuss the book - or if they haven't finished it read another chapter together and so on. (Between Two Ends would be a great book to read this summer - it's a cross of The Arabian Nights and a great Action story - read my review here)
2) Is he into True Stories about Heroes, Firefighters, War Heroes? Or maybe really into science, astronomy/outer space? How about Extreme Sports - the Olympics are coming up too.You might check into books like:
Discovery Adventure Books: Age 8+, ap 80 pages each. This series is visually exciting, highly informative and complete with photographs, illustrated diagrams & comic strips. FULL of information such as: a fascinating selection of recommended websites with stats and details for kids who are fanatics about fighter planes, motorcycles, helicopters, race cars, submarines, warships and tanks. $8.99 each/avail as a series too (click here)
War Stories: 12+, 432 pages. This great book contains stories based on actual life events. Many of the stories are about people who had to make tough decisions based on what they knew to be the right thing to do. Thrilling adventures that will make you feel as if you were actually there. Ideal for reluctant readers & adults. Note: This one is a BIG book but can be read as a chapter a night - ideal for a Grandpa/Grandson read along. It would give them something to talk about and lots of stories to share - and is a great way to encourage kids to make the right choice even tho the consequences to themselves might not be ideal.
Is there a male figure in his life that could start reading with him? Guys like to read "facts and figures" and make weird noises - Little Men need to see Big Men reading now & as he becomes a man. It's a good opportunity for him to converse with others and share what he's learning.
Extreme Adventures: Age 8+, 144 pages.  Action has a new hero - Sam Fox! With a talent for attracting danger, Sam Fox is an expert at getting himself into (and out of) the most extreme situations. This series has a strong appeal with a courageous young hero and exotic settings and has non-stop action and short chapters which will engage reluctant readers. 
**My nephew Brett LOVES this series. He started reading them at around age 7 1/2 and we were a little worried they would be too scary but he asked to read book two and then three... we think he LIKED getting scared! Read an excerpt from Bk 1 Crocodile Attack $5.99 each/avail as a series too 
Other books he might be interested in:  I'd like to encourage you to keep illustrated encyclopedia's around your house. These are great - leave them on the coffee table, in the bathroom (captive audience there), by his bed and in the car! 
Usborne Books has great ones with small amounts of information and BIG pictures for kids to study and examine. The illustrated encyclopedia's are great for kids that have a hard time reading big passages of text. They are internet linked and your grandson can use these links to find more information on things he's interested in (whales, machines, outer space, etc), experiments and animated learning tools online.  What is an Internet-Linked book?
You might also consider a few books like these (click the picture):
Here is an example of some activities/experiments from the Science Encyclopedia that you can find with the Internet Links:
  1. Hot-air balloon experiment to try at home. 
  2. Make marbled paper based on the principle that oil and water do not mix. (Click on "Marvelous Marbling".) 
Lastly, I have a few questions since I don't know your Grandson. These are things you might consider as you help him become a life long reader.
a) Is he in between stages of reading? What kind of books is he drawn to? Are they more difficult or more advanced than he needs? Are they to advanced for him emotionally or mentally? 
b) Is your grandson feeling overwhelmed by the size of the books (too many pages/print is small/no pictures) and not sure what he'll like? Is he still wishing to be read to some? (If you catch him pulling the book closer to his face perhaps he is having trouble reading smaller print. You may want to consider getting his eyes checked)
Kids in the middle elementary grades still enjoy pictures. Remember pictures are used by kids to help them "read" the book, guess what's happening next and it helps them to "connect" with the story and the people in the book.
c) Is he starting to see and want to participate in activities like sports, camping, etc - are his interests changing? If so consider getting him a sports magazine or another kind of kid's magazine that matches his interest. Two that come to mind are: (click on the picture)
National Geographic KidsSports Illustrated KIDS (1-year auto-renewal)
The reason I brought these up is that you will be encouraging him to read about what he is interested in. There are the "small" chunks of information, big action oriented pictures and he can read a couple of pages and share what he has learned. Also if he is a very active child and has a hard time sitting still these are ideal for him. (Comics fit this area also. See my review here). 
Journal Buddies for Tween Girls and boysI'd like to make one last suggestion - if you end up doing a summer book club or even make it a goal to read together as a family for a 1/2 hour a day - get your child a journal and encourage them to write while you read aloud to them. They can write anything they want - it's private and only for them. Parents use your discretion if you feel you need to take a look at the journal - just remember that this is a place for your middle grade child to spill their guts or be as creative as they want so please don't use it to lecture or "teach" about proper sentence structure. =D Girl Journal Boy Journal
This is getting so long I'm going to stop here. I hope this gave you some good ideas. Please keep asking questions! 
Parents & teachers - do you have any great ideas on how to get kids to read in the summer? Please share your comment below:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Music Activity ~ PicassoHead

On Monday I did a review and started a giveaway for a wonderful CD called Picasso, That's Who! by Hope Harris. I thought I would extend it with a few little activities that you can do with your family. But first, let's learn a little about Picasso....

Mom & Dad you might be more interested in this:
  • Picasso was born on October 25th, 1881 in Malaga, Spain.  Picasso was considered an artistic genius as a child. His father was an artist and art teacher and when Picasso was 7 he began to teach him how to paint. He began his formal art studies when he was 11 until he was 16. 
  • He began developing new art styles when he moved to France around the age of 20 (his rebellious period???)
  • You can track his emotional periods & how he developed his style by looking at the paintings he created -  check out his blue period (1901-1904), his rose period (1904-1906), black period (1906-1907), cubism (1907-1915) and neo-classicism. 
A personal note: I found it interesting that Picasso is actually NOT the father of Cubism - he used the style of cubism (geometric form) formed by Georges Braques (he used it to depict a natural object) to form an abstract essence or feeling (click here).

Combining literacy & art ~ huh?

Are You Ready?
to be sucked in...
Click the picture & find out!

FUN Family Activities:

  1. Try your hand creating portraits using simple oval shapes with pastel, dye, yarn, string, rocks, markers.
  2. Create your own amazing Picasso portraits online: (age 5+)  Click Here        
  3. Make Pablo Picasso Cookies
  4. Make a Squiggle Art Sculpture - did you know that Picasso made one of his paintings by using bicycle parts??? I didn't!

A few websites you'll find FUN things to do:

Note: much of these activities I found through MommyMaestra's website & a few others I found just by roaming the 'net.

Tell us what your family ended up making!
I want to hear ALL about it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Almost Time

~ Book Review 

It's Almost Time
by Debbie Bernstein LaCroix
ISBN: 978-1935279853
$14.99 (hardback)

About the book:
It's almost time…the gears are winding, getting ready to chime! Are you ready? Join the countdown to the most colossal cacophony of clock sounds ever! From chimes to ding dongs, from grandfather clocks to cuckoos, this collection of sounds will have young readers buzzing with excitement.

My thoughts:
It's Almost Time is an invitation for interaction. Your children can chime the sounds off with you as you read to them and I'm sure you'll hear them making their clock noises during playtime too. Debbie has taken the time to describe the sounds the different clocks make such as:

The tick, tick, tick of the clocks counting down the time, 
The Booooom, Boooooom of the tower clock,
The Buzzzzz, Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz of the alarm clock and the
tinkling sound of the babies clock gently singing about a little lamb.

This is a very cute books for kids 3+ and would make a great addition to homeschools, libraries, and preschools - and it would be fun to read for storytime too!

As parents there are a number of things you can do when you read "It's Almost Time". 
  • Have your children find the different clocks in your house and talk about the noise it makes when it "chimes" and "buzzes" throughout the day. 
  • Make a paper plate clock and have your child decide what kind of noise it makes and be sure to practice "telling time" by moving the hands of the clock around. For younger children paste the large hand at the 12 and move the small hand around to teach them "o'clock" (ie - 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock) and make different clocks that show what time your child gets up and goes to bed, what time they go to school and what time they come home.
  • When you are driving around during the day encourage your children to find all the clocks that they can - talk about the sounds they make.
A few good websites on learning to tell time:
I was given a copy of It's Almost Time by Kane Miller Publishing to review right here on CCB. I was not required to write a positive review and no money exchanged hands.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Monday ~ Picasso, That's Who!

~ Review & Giveaway
Music Mondays!

  Music Mondays.egg  on Aviary

Today I have a treat for you & a giveaway too! Hope Harris has released a FUN, action oriented CD called Picasso, That's Who! designed to introduce children to different artists and encourage their FREE spirit & ability to be spontaneous. 

Picasso That's Who Cover Art 300 dpi.jpg

Picasso, That’s Who 
(And so can you!) 
Adventures in Art 

My Thoughts:
This is a wonderful CD. It's full of life and movement. Hope Harris has a beautiful voice that encourages kids to sing along (grown ups too - I was in the car singing away) and while I was listening I felt like the words gave an 'image' and I almost felt like I was painting along & dancing to the music (wouldn't that be a picture - me dancing LOL). 

Be sure to check out Hope's website - there is a wonderful craft activity that you and the kid's can make. "How about some Maracas baby?"  and you can hear 2 of the songs from this CD and several from Cousins Jamboree too!

A-C-T-I-O-N (Jackson Pollock)
Picasso, That's Who! (Pablo Picasso)
Who made the Splash? (David Hockney)
Grandma Moses (Grandma Moses)
Swingin' Little Dock (Alexander Calder)
See A Painting By Georgia O'Keeffe (Georgia O'Keeffe)
Dot in Motion (Paul Klee)
Telling Stories (Romare Bearden)
M-A-T-I-S-S-E, Matisse (Henri Matisse)
Impression, Monet (Claude Monet)
Paint a Picture, Too

BUT don't go to far - you can listen to Picasso, That's Who (which by the way is my favorite on this CD) with a direct link right from Classic Children's Books! Tell us which song is YOUR favorite!

Click Here to Listen
(click on the first track to hear my favorite song)

About the Artist:
Hope Harris has been dancing to music and using it to stage her own theatrical productions since she was a little girl. She has worked on and off broadway and in Regional and Stock productions. She has also created her own CD's beginning with a Lullaby CD for her own children and most recently her CD Cousins Jamboree won the Parent's Choice Silver Honor Award!

I know you're going to love this CD as much as I do. Technically, this CD is for kids age 3-10 but I think it would be a great House Cleaning CD - but then you might not get much done since you'll be dancing along. LOL

~ Be sure to return on Wednesday to learn a little about Picasso &
   see some FUN activities you can do too!

Picasso, That's Who will be released on 5/22 - and you can purchase it and Cousins Jamboree on either or on iTunes!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was given a sample CD of Picasso, That's Who by Hope Harris to review on GivingNSharing. I was not required to post a positive review and no money exchanged hands. Thanks Hope! Waldmania PR

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ChalkTrail - What an awesome FUN idea!

bhg pinterestI was doing a little hoppin' the net and came across a FUN blog called Handmade Charlotte who has a neat little blog that is family oriented and filled with great products and tools for kids - tools that keep them active, engaged, filled with imagination and well, I think she just might be my NEW favorite children's blog..... 

She was showcasing this new product for kids - I think it's brilliant! One of the problems with childhood today is it's filled with static time spent on the net or in front of the TV. Much of that time is spent by themselves and I think it's starting to seriously cause problems with kids being able to play & work with others. No longer do our kids know how to work in teams. They no longer have a natural hierarchy of the strong kids to the weaker kids who need to be led. Now, I'm not talking bullying - I'm talking kids that are able to come up with great ideas and the kids who help them succeed with their ideas. I personally believe that kids learn to work together and follow the rules that they will have in the work world.

Anyway, one of the new toys that is being promoted on is the ChalkTrail which attaches to the back wheel of your kids bike (big or small) or scooter. They can then use their bikes to create patterns, lines, pictures - best of all your kids can attach the holder & chalk and Dad - your tools won't disappear because no tools are needed! Check it out:

ChalkTrail was created by and has been fully funded on KickStarter and hopefully will be on the market soon. It's a great way to encourage FUN, Safe activity outdoors - no TV or other supplies necessary except a helmet of course. It's also considered by as one of the Best Toys of the 2012 Toy Show!

The Deets:
Cost: Bike $24.99, Scooter $14.99, replacement packs: $7.99
It uses non-toxic, washable chalk, works on all sizes of bikes (yep, mom and dad can use it too) and scooters.
Pre-order your Chalktrail now and get in time for summer!

I think these are going to be very popular, would make a great birthday gift or even a fun gift for surviving the school year - it's time for play!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Sparkling Misfortune

~ Book Review

MSM_cover2000 My Sparkling Misfortune
by Laura Lond
ISBN: 978-1460922361
$9.85 (paperback)
$2.99 (Kindle)

My Sparkling Misfortune is the story of a villain who is an unwilling hero.  Lord Arkus is a villain who is feared by all, disliked and hated by those who know him.  In a strange twist of fate while planning his 'come back', he captures what he thinks is an "evil gormack" only to find he caught a "sparkling", to help him exact revenge on Prince Kellemar.

The sparkling is able to help Lord Arkus through a series of 'miracles' (or spells) but refuses to help him with anything that will harm others or do anything that is evil.  In return Lord Arkus finds ways that he thinks will trick the sparkling into doing what he wants.  And as we all know, "those who do wrong, always have to answer for it".

Written in first person by the main character Lord Arkus, this book is fast paced and full of adventure.  There are sword fights, kingdoms, knights and attempted kidnappings.  It's perfect for kids who love to read and moves fast enough and is easy enough to read for reluctant readers.  There is enough humor and action that your kid won't want to put it down.

You can purchase My Sparkling Misfortune as a paperback for $9.99 or in electronic form for your kindle for $4.95 on Amazon.  This would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for your readers.

This book was received through Dream Books LLC, and I was not financially compensated for writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

**Watch for a review of the sequel to be posted soon: My Royal Pain Quest**

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A replay ~ visit Family Friendly Omaha this Summer!

Come to Nebraska for FUN times...

Are you thinking about a quick trip (or maybe a 'not so quick' trip) this summer with your family? Why not visit us in Omaha? There are many day trips that you can make in the area and we are within a days journey from Minneapolis, Texas, Colorado and Chicago.  Here are some of the High Points you'll find right in this great Metropolis....
drawing of bridge at night over river
Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
Omaha, NE is right in the middle of the country situated on the border of Iowa and Nebraska. The great Muddy Missouri runs between Omaha and Council Bluffs, Iowa and there is a wonderful bridge that spans the 'Great Divide' to tie the two together.

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge ever built. It reminds me of a Sail Boat with the giant 'wing' spans that you see reaching for the sky 200 feet above the water. Connecting Downtown Omaha with Council Bluffs it's a favorite of families, bikers, skaters and dog walkers. It links nearly 150 miles of trails on both sides of the river. Kids and old men alike like to stand on the bridge and watch the boats go sailing by under the bridge.

After an evening in downtown Omaha get a good's night sleep before you hit two of Omaha's favorite family destinations! There is Fontenelle Forest and the Henry Doorly Zoo both of which are award winning family fun places to go!

Fontenelle Forest is part of two nature centers right on the edge of Bellevue, Nebraska. There are activities for all ages from taking a stroller ride down the boardwalk, kayaking the Missouri, taking nightly guided walks through the reserve and seeing all kinds of night life. You can join in on making mud pies, learn how to identify trees, and seniors have a night all to themselves - come for an OWL extravaganza! Click here for more events.

Learn more: Leaflet, Summer Day Camps (brochure) and Astronomy Events are available for kids (& families too) if you'd like to have a little Mom/Dad time =D.

Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the TOP leading zoo's in the country.  Our Zoo is wonderful! My favorite of all the attractions at the zoo are the Desert Dome (not the top part where you'll learn about 3 major deserts in the world, the habitats and animals) I LOVE the Kingdom's of the Night underneath the desert. It's like walking in a huge underground cave complete with bridges, night animals and more. (more) Then there is the Lied Jungle which is hot and steamy and the largest indoor rainforest in the world! There are waterfalls, monkeys calling, beautiful birds and flowers and a great bridge suspended in the air to walk over (kids love it). (more) While you're at the zoo - make sure you don't miss out on the Nursery to see the babies, or check out the Newly Remodeled Scott Aquarium to watch the sharks swim over your head or Gorilla Valley.

 Do be prepared to bring your walking shoes but if you get tired you can take a train ride across the zoo or how about a Skyfari (a ski lift style ride over the giraffes, cheetahs and more).  2012 Events

There really is so much more that I can share about those two destinations - but I have a few other things to show you..... but first I'm going to give you some links to a few more places in Omaha before we make an hour drive to Lincoln for a couple more of my favorites!

Durham Museum
  • Durham Museum (take a trip through history), right now they have an exhibit of Pulitzer Prize photo's, and then walk through a turn of the century life and into a train (kids will LOVE the train). 
  • The Joselyn Art Museum is on the edge of Downtown Omaha (go Saturday mornings before 11 and stay all day for FREE), check out the awesome Brian Selznick exhibit - it's beautiful & would be a good one to share with your kids. My favorite are the glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly. They are gorgeous and unfortunately I can't find a picture to share with you.
  • Boystown touches the lives of over 1.6 million people each year and you can find out how through a tour of Boystown. Many of you have seen the 1938 movie "Boys Town" which helped spread the mission of Boystown then and that mission continues today. More info
There are two other places in Nebraska you really should not miss since you are so very close. Lincoln, Nebraska is the state capital and features many wonderful family friendly sites - AND it's only about an hour away from Omaha!!!
  1. You definitely want to check out Morrill Hall - the home of the Dinosaurs! You will find the largest exhibited elephant skeleton - a giant mammoth. NEW permanent Exhibit:  First Peoples of the Plains: Traditions of Land & Sky and you can also see the striking portraits of Native American children in traditional regalia by Award Winning artist Don Doll, S.J. Be sure to also check out the museum's collection of hunting, fighting and ceremonial weapons, and the Explore Evolution exhibit which might be interesting for teachers and families if you are studying that. There are also some brilliant murals by Mark Marcuson throughout the museum.
  2. Don't miss The State Capital Building - it's beautiful and a fun way to instill pride in our country in your children. If possible arrange to join a tour of this beautiful building. The floors are tiled mosaic and the walls are marble and they ALL feature Native American and Pioneer history. You'll also see marble columns, hand carved walnut wood ceilings and so much more. If you aren't afraid of heights be sure to go up to the Observation Floor so you can see the beautiful view.  
Fun Fact: 
The Nebraska State Capital is the heaviest building in North America. 
Betcha didn't know that, did ya? 

I hope you all make the time to come and visit Nebraska when you get a chance. To help you some with planning your visit, Nebraska tends to be very hot humid in the Summer and so it's always good to plan indoor activities during the day and outdoors in the early morning and evening hours. You can also rent a cabin at Mahoney Park - there are horses, parks, an indoor water park, walking trails & it's about 1/2 way between Omaha & Lincoln. What more could you ask for?

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Please vote for me as a Leading "Mom Aunty" in Business! It's my opportunity to share my passion for the need of encouraging families to read together! Thanks so much!

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Lollipop Opera by Don Freeman


Recently I hosted (along with Ella of MyMcBooks) a Children's Book Giveaway Event and the last day I featured Don Freeman's Beady Bear. I was lucky enough to see one of the original manuscripts (via email) in the rough draft of Beady Bear's Pillow which has not been published yet ~ I shared my review here.

Roy (Don's son) sent me a link to a short film by Don Freeman called "Lollipop Opera". I don't have a soundcard on my computer so I was only able to watch the film (it was great) but couldn't listen to it. I thought you might enjoy it! The soundtrack to the film is based on Rossini's "Barber of Seville" and subject to Don's book: "Mop Top".

This film received the 1971 award from the Council on Non-Theatrical Events for "it's excellence to represent the United States of American in international motion picture events abroad."


Friday, April 6, 2012

Youth Emergency Services, Cherokee, IA - Bookfair

Recently I learned about a need of the Youth Emergency Services school in Cherokee, IA. This is a school where kids (age 11-17) in trouble are sent to await a trial or other programs to accept them. My cousin works there and she recently bought the first 4 Conspiracy 365 books from me to add to their school library. Evidently there isn't a budget set up to provide a library for these kids to encourage reading - so the teachers have either been purchasing the books or getting them at the library.  I've been donating books here and there as I review MG fiction - but thought I'd ask you to join in too!

I decided to dedicate my summer to an ongoing bookfair to raise FUNDS and BOOKS to donate to their little "library". Would you join in with me? I have set up an online bookfair @ - any US orders will be added to the school - you can either order for yourself and they will receive credit toward NEW books or you can donate the books (just message me for the address to ship the books to). I am planning on closing out the bookfair by 7/30 - just in time for them to get NEW books for the school year!

Place your order @

*** YA Authors can donate their family friendly, books (no DARK genre please - keep in mind these are kids in trouble - so we need to be careful that the books are encouraging, clean language and morality supporting. Thanks!)

*** Bloggers - want to donate your gently used review copies? You can ship them to me or my Cousin if you'd like & I'll get them to the school the next time I get to Cherokee. Just let me know. I've been donating books here and there from my review pile. =D

I and the kids & teachers thank you! ~ Tina 'the book lady'

Suggested Books you can donate 
(let me know which you purchase to donate & I'll cross it off the list):

Usborne Books / Kane Miller Suggestions:
Conspiracy 365 books 5-13
Extreme Adventures books 1-6 (see picture at top of page)
Butterflies (a book about a girl who was burned & her coming to terms with it)
Chloe & LeVesque series books 1-4
Bloomswell Diaries, The by Louis L Buitendag 
Dying to Tell Me by Sherryl Clark
Museum of Mary Child by Cassandra Golds
Raven Queen IR by Pauline Francis
Shadow of the Dragon, Kira #1 by Kate O'Hearn
Shadow of the Dragon, Elspeth #2 by Kate O'Hearn
Space Cowboy by Justin Stanchfield
World Away, A IR by Pauline Francis
Any of the True Stories books: True Stories of D-DayWar StoriesHeroesTrue Ghost StoriesTrue Sea StoriesTrue Spy StoriesTrue Survival StoriesSecond World War
Moby Dick

Maybe some books to satisfy that craving for facts (& actually learning something?)
Forensic Science 
Mysteries and Marvels of Science IL
Science Encyclopedia IL (C/V) Reduced Size
Story of Science - IR
Book of Knowledge IL 
Encyclopedia of Planet Earth IL
First Encyclopedia of Space IL
Story of Exploration IR
Story of Astronomy and Space
What's Biology All About? IR
What's Chemistry All About? IR
What's Physics All About? IR
Essential Atlas of the World IR
Time Traveler (C/V)
Stories of Knights and Castles
Star Quest.
Dragon Quest

Other books that they would love:

  • Any of Brock Eastmans books would be great! Taken, Risk (about to be released), HowlSage (this is a new series)
  • Any of Rick Riordan's series would be great too: Percy Jackson
  • Peter and the Starcatchers series (any of them - they're all wonderful!)
These are just suggestions - if you know of any others (no vampire, no DARK genre, etc & no over agressive books - steven king like, etc) or if you would like to donate gently used books that's fine too. You can ship them to me or to my cousin and she'll take them to the school.

***Remember any of the Usborne Books/Kane Miller books you purchase the school will end up with a credit to use to purchase books too - they can put it toward science/math/history type books for school purposes/or fiction.) ***

Thanks so much for your help!