Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Almost Time

~ Book Review 

It's Almost Time
by Debbie Bernstein LaCroix
ISBN: 978-1935279853
$14.99 (hardback)

About the book:
It's almost time…the gears are winding, getting ready to chime! Are you ready? Join the countdown to the most colossal cacophony of clock sounds ever! From chimes to ding dongs, from grandfather clocks to cuckoos, this collection of sounds will have young readers buzzing with excitement.

My thoughts:
It's Almost Time is an invitation for interaction. Your children can chime the sounds off with you as you read to them and I'm sure you'll hear them making their clock noises during playtime too. Debbie has taken the time to describe the sounds the different clocks make such as:

The tick, tick, tick of the clocks counting down the time, 
The Booooom, Boooooom of the tower clock,
The Buzzzzz, Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz of the alarm clock and the
tinkling sound of the babies clock gently singing about a little lamb.

This is a very cute books for kids 3+ and would make a great addition to homeschools, libraries, and preschools - and it would be fun to read for storytime too!

As parents there are a number of things you can do when you read "It's Almost Time". 
  • Have your children find the different clocks in your house and talk about the noise it makes when it "chimes" and "buzzes" throughout the day. 
  • Make a paper plate clock and have your child decide what kind of noise it makes and be sure to practice "telling time" by moving the hands of the clock around. For younger children paste the large hand at the 12 and move the small hand around to teach them "o'clock" (ie - 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock) and make different clocks that show what time your child gets up and goes to bed, what time they go to school and what time they come home.
  • When you are driving around during the day encourage your children to find all the clocks that they can - talk about the sounds they make.
A few good websites on learning to tell time:
I was given a copy of It's Almost Time by Kane Miller Publishing to review right here on CCB. I was not required to write a positive review and no money exchanged hands.

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