Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Possum's Happy Easter by Jamey M Long

Book Review

A Possum's Happy EasterA Possum's Happy Easter
by Jamey M Long
ISBN: 978-1602478602
Tate Publishing
24 pages, $8.99 paperback

About the book:
In Opie the Possum's second adventure A Possum's Happy Easter, author Jamey M Long instills in young readers the true celebration of Easter. Led by his curiousity, Opie ventures back to the home of a special little boy, where he learns the most valuable lesson: the true meaning of Easter. More than colorful baskets and decorated eggs, young readers will learn about the Resurrection of Jesus and the love and promise that Easter brings in A Possum's Happy Easter.

My Thoughts:
I stumbled across this darling series of books last fall and contacted Jamey Long about doing a review of A Possum's Happy Easter - it's such a cute book. The story begins with Possum deciding to visit the boy in the house and wanting to see the Christmas decorations again. Imagine his surprise when the decorations aren't there and there are colored eggs on the lawn and in the house.....

A Possum's Happy Easter isn't just about the secular Easter celebration - it's also about the true story of Easter told to Possum as a "Voice" and a bright light from above. Opie the Possum learns about Easter Eggs and Candy ~ he learns that they are a sign of spring and the newness it brings. He also learns about the palm leaves that Jesus' donkey trod on in his entry to Jerusalem. He learns about Jesus's death and resurrection when the Voice explains....

"You see Jesus was resurrected from the dead so He could fulfill his glorious promise. Everyone who believes in Him will go to Heaven, and have eternal life."

I love how simply it's explained so that everyone from the youngest preschooler to an adult can understand the True Meaning of Easter. I also think if you're children listen closely they will understand that the Voice calls Jesus "my Son" and that the Voice is God speaking.


A Possum's Happy Easter is part of a wonderful series of books based on Opie the Possum's adventures. You'll see many different holiday stories: Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween and more. You'll also see books based on American Tales like: Robin Hood, the story of The Star Spangled Banner, First In Flight ~ The Wright Brothers to name a few. You can see all the books at the top of the website: Books A-N and Books O-Z.  Check out Opie the Possum's website.

Before I leave I'd like to share that A Possum's Happy Easter is part of the eLive book program. Select books (like A Possum's Happy Easter) include the eLive link so you and your child can download the story and save it to your computer, to a CD or your favorite portable music device such as an iPod.

I was given two copies of A Possum's Happy Easter. One to review and one to giveaway. I used the giveaway copy as part of a Easter Basket in March and a young mother and her son (age 4) won the basket! Thanks so much Tate Publishing & Jamey M Long! I was not paid for my review and I was not required to have a positive review.


  1. SO COOL! I went to the website to check it out and there are SO MANY Stories! I totally LOVE that these are available because as an elementary teacher it is so important to have a wide variety of books on the same topic to appeal to the many different readers! The fact that a child can follow the same Opie character through so many themes is nice for the reader to relate to and be familiar with him while gaining new knowledge! Thanks so much for the review!!

    jenny at dapperhouse

    1. You are VERY welcome Jen. =D I literally fell over these books one day when I was roaming the net - fell in love with them!

      Thanks for visiting! Tina 'the book lady'