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Bibles for Kids (cont)....

Zondervan has released two new bibles which focus on kids age 9-12. They speak in a language that preteens can understand, focus on situations your kids are going through on a daily basis and have exciting features designed to get your kids involved in learning about God, growing their faith and tickles their funny bone too!

Today is Day 2: the FaithGirlz Bible:

Click to see a larger image of NIV Boys Bible Click to see a larger image of NIV Faithgirlz! Bible, Revised Edition

Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 978-0310722366
1504 pages, ages 9-12

My Thoughts:
Yesterday I reviewed the NIV Boys Bible (click here) and today I'm reviewing the FaithGirlz! Bible which is a whole different book. Yes, ZonderKidz took the same NIV version and created a Bible just for girls. 
I believe that God made each of us for particular reasons just as He made boys and girls very different. Boys NEED to be rough and noisy, gross and nerdy - Girls NEED to be ladies, cherished, Daddy's princess and Mommy's helper. They may be Tom Boys but there is a reason God made them that way and the FaithGirlz Bible is going to help them come to terms with WHO they are in God's eyes and WHY God made them the way he did.

The Faithgirlz Bible teaches girls that the Bible is real, relevant & that the story of God & the Isrealites is their story too. The in-text features are written by tween expert Nancy Rue and uses the bestselling New International Version (NIV) to make it easy to read and understand.

One of the differences you'll notice in the FaithGirlz Bible is that this Bible is more intellectual than the Boys Bible is. This Bible causes you to dig down deep - not just in scripture but into your thoughts and soul. You'll see sections like:
  • Dream Girl - use your imagination to put yourself in the story.
  • Bring It On! - Take quizzes to really get to know yourself.
  • Is there a Little (Eve, Ruth, Isaiah) in You? See for yourself what you have in common.
  • Words to Live By - Bible Verses for memorizing.
  • What Happens Next? Tell a Bible Story in your own words.
I LOVE this feature: (I'm going to try to write up an example so you can see what it looks like - I couldn't find an example on Nancy Rue's website - so here goes) - Pls keep in mind the spacing is awful and nowhere as neat as the one in the Bible - but you'll get the idea!

  • Oh, I Get It! Find answers to Bible Questions you've always had.
Purchase it:
Product Details You can purchase the Hardcover version of the  FaithGirlz! Bible  on Amazon for $18.47. It's also available in these styles: 

From the Author:
Nancy Rue says, “I hope the Faithgirlz! Bible will help girls grow a friendship with the Bible, their own relationship. It asks questions, asks them to think and challenges them to apply what they’re learning. That’s how they’ll find a deep, personal relationship with God, rather than just by following rules or saying what they’ve been told without really thinking about it. Rules are important, of course, but they only make sense when they really believe the message of the Scriptures. That’s what this Bible is about.” The Faithgirlz! Bible is the perfect Bible to support girls in their journey into the “beauty of believing.”

Be sure to visit Nancy Rue's website FaithGirlz to learn more about her books for Middle Grade Girls (age 9+), devotionals, games and other FUN things to do like puzzles, art, crafts, recipes and more. You can also read chapters from some of her books and download chapters 11 & 12 of the FaithGirlz Handbook.

I was given a copy of the FaithGirlz Bible by Zonderkidz as part of The B&B Media Group book tour program. I was not required to write a positive review and I was not paid either.

The NIV Boy's Bible review was posted here

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