Friday, April 6, 2012

Youth Emergency Services, Cherokee, IA - Bookfair

Recently I learned about a need of the Youth Emergency Services school in Cherokee, IA. This is a school where kids (age 11-17) in trouble are sent to await a trial or other programs to accept them. My cousin works there and she recently bought the first 4 Conspiracy 365 books from me to add to their school library. Evidently there isn't a budget set up to provide a library for these kids to encourage reading - so the teachers have either been purchasing the books or getting them at the library.  I've been donating books here and there as I review MG fiction - but thought I'd ask you to join in too!

I decided to dedicate my summer to an ongoing bookfair to raise FUNDS and BOOKS to donate to their little "library". Would you join in with me? I have set up an online bookfair @ - any US orders will be added to the school - you can either order for yourself and they will receive credit toward NEW books or you can donate the books (just message me for the address to ship the books to). I am planning on closing out the bookfair by 7/30 - just in time for them to get NEW books for the school year!

Place your order @

*** YA Authors can donate their family friendly, books (no DARK genre please - keep in mind these are kids in trouble - so we need to be careful that the books are encouraging, clean language and morality supporting. Thanks!)

*** Bloggers - want to donate your gently used review copies? You can ship them to me or my Cousin if you'd like & I'll get them to the school the next time I get to Cherokee. Just let me know. I've been donating books here and there from my review pile. =D

I and the kids & teachers thank you! ~ Tina 'the book lady'

Suggested Books you can donate 
(let me know which you purchase to donate & I'll cross it off the list):

Usborne Books / Kane Miller Suggestions:
Conspiracy 365 books 5-13
Extreme Adventures books 1-6 (see picture at top of page)
Butterflies (a book about a girl who was burned & her coming to terms with it)
Chloe & LeVesque series books 1-4
Bloomswell Diaries, The by Louis L Buitendag 
Dying to Tell Me by Sherryl Clark
Museum of Mary Child by Cassandra Golds
Raven Queen IR by Pauline Francis
Shadow of the Dragon, Kira #1 by Kate O'Hearn
Shadow of the Dragon, Elspeth #2 by Kate O'Hearn
Space Cowboy by Justin Stanchfield
World Away, A IR by Pauline Francis
Any of the True Stories books: True Stories of D-DayWar StoriesHeroesTrue Ghost StoriesTrue Sea StoriesTrue Spy StoriesTrue Survival StoriesSecond World War
Moby Dick

Maybe some books to satisfy that craving for facts (& actually learning something?)
Forensic Science 
Mysteries and Marvels of Science IL
Science Encyclopedia IL (C/V) Reduced Size
Story of Science - IR
Book of Knowledge IL 
Encyclopedia of Planet Earth IL
First Encyclopedia of Space IL
Story of Exploration IR
Story of Astronomy and Space
What's Biology All About? IR
What's Chemistry All About? IR
What's Physics All About? IR
Essential Atlas of the World IR
Time Traveler (C/V)
Stories of Knights and Castles
Star Quest.
Dragon Quest

Other books that they would love:

  • Any of Brock Eastmans books would be great! Taken, Risk (about to be released), HowlSage (this is a new series)
  • Any of Rick Riordan's series would be great too: Percy Jackson
  • Peter and the Starcatchers series (any of them - they're all wonderful!)
These are just suggestions - if you know of any others (no vampire, no DARK genre, etc & no over agressive books - steven king like, etc) or if you would like to donate gently used books that's fine too. You can ship them to me or to my cousin and she'll take them to the school.

***Remember any of the Usborne Books/Kane Miller books you purchase the school will end up with a credit to use to purchase books too - they can put it toward science/math/history type books for school purposes/or fiction.) ***

Thanks so much for your help!

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