Thursday, April 19, 2012

Music Activity ~ PicassoHead

On Monday I did a review and started a giveaway for a wonderful CD called Picasso, That's Who! by Hope Harris. I thought I would extend it with a few little activities that you can do with your family. But first, let's learn a little about Picasso....

Mom & Dad you might be more interested in this:
  • Picasso was born on October 25th, 1881 in Malaga, Spain.  Picasso was considered an artistic genius as a child. His father was an artist and art teacher and when Picasso was 7 he began to teach him how to paint. He began his formal art studies when he was 11 until he was 16. 
  • He began developing new art styles when he moved to France around the age of 20 (his rebellious period???)
  • You can track his emotional periods & how he developed his style by looking at the paintings he created -  check out his blue period (1901-1904), his rose period (1904-1906), black period (1906-1907), cubism (1907-1915) and neo-classicism. 
A personal note: I found it interesting that Picasso is actually NOT the father of Cubism - he used the style of cubism (geometric form) formed by Georges Braques (he used it to depict a natural object) to form an abstract essence or feeling (click here).

Combining literacy & art ~ huh?

Are You Ready?
to be sucked in...
Click the picture & find out!

FUN Family Activities:

  1. Try your hand creating portraits using simple oval shapes with pastel, dye, yarn, string, rocks, markers.
  2. Create your own amazing Picasso portraits online: (age 5+)  Click Here        
  3. Make Pablo Picasso Cookies
  4. Make a Squiggle Art Sculpture - did you know that Picasso made one of his paintings by using bicycle parts??? I didn't!

A few websites you'll find FUN things to do:

Note: much of these activities I found through MommyMaestra's website & a few others I found just by roaming the 'net.

Tell us what your family ended up making!
I want to hear ALL about it!

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  1. What a great blog post for those with children. Even without any children, I got sucked right in!