Thursday, October 11, 2012

RockNLearn: Colors, Shapes & Counting

Today I have a FUN review for everyone. The RockNLearn Award-Winning DVD's are for all ages from 2/3 years old on up. They meet Common Core Standards and are filled with the kinds of music kids love listening, singing and dancing to.

I received a copy of their Colors, Shapes & Counting DVD about a month ago and tried to have Sierra (age 3) watch it and she didn't show any interest in it so I put it away to try again later. Yesterday she pulled it out and had so much fun. It's amazing the difference a month or two makes in the life of a very young preschooler.

The Colors, Shapes & Counting DVD is DJ'd by Rollie Roundman, Trollie Triangle and Rockford Rectangle and it's full of songs and games. Sierra got really into the DVD to the extent of holding her hands up and counting the fingers and stripping off her socks to count her toes. She is learning to count from 1 to 10. What I really loved was how she would count along with the characters and even though she isn't really singing along yet I have a feeling that will be happening sooner than later.

She asked for the DVD yesterday and then again today. When Connor (age 5) got home he had to watch it and he was glued to the animation and the music.
Early Learning Collection 
You can find all kinds of DVD's covering a wide range of subjects - the preschool & kindergarten DVD's include DVD's for phonics, sight words, colors/numbers and shapes, dancing with the animals (I want this one). As your kids get older you'll be able to find DVD's that help with learning multiplication (with tricks and tips on making math easy & fun), reading & writing, life science and more. I'd personally like to see one on beginning and intermediate algebra, geometry and other higher maths - it would help parents & kids figure it out together.

Many of their Math DVD's include APPS for multiplication. It looks like this is a new product and will be coming very soon so please check back to see when they've become available.

Be sure to also check out their other APPS & ibooks for ipad & mobile devices that are now available.

Test-Taking Collection

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Colors, Shapes & Counting to read and review on CCB. I was not required to have a positive review nor did any money exchange hands. 

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