Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Fall 2012 Titles.....

I'm starting to hear about Kane Miller Publishing's GREAT new lineup of titles releasing the end of the month! Check these out.... If you'd like to order - just go to and order - I have a new website so if you have any trouble just let me know and I'll put the order through behind the scenes!

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Stories from around the world for little childrenUsborne Stories from Around the World for Little Children
This treasury of stories from around the world, specifically written for small children is, are beautiful illustrated and are perfect for reading aloud or for more confident readers to tackle on their own. It includes the traditional tales of 'Alladin and his Magical Lamp (Persia), Brer Rabbit Down the Well (US), ‘How Zebras Got their Stripes’ (Africa), ‘Why the Sea is Salty’ (Korea) and ‘The Dragon Painter’ (China). 

The Phoenix Files by Chris Morphew
$6.99 or $19.99 for the series

Luke is having a rough year. When his parents split up,his mum drags him to Phoenix, a brand-new town in the middle of nowhere. But Phoenix is no ordinary town. There are no cars, no phones and no internet. Luke thinks this is as weird as it gets.  Then he discovers that someone is plotting to wipe out the human race. Phoenix is suddenly the safest and most dangerous place on earth. And the clock is already ticking. There are one hundred days until the end of the world. Other books in this exciting new series: #2 Contact, #3 Mutation

ART/Activity FUN:
Drawing, doodling and colouring for boys Drawing, doodling and colouring for girls

Kids will love getting creative with these fun and stylish books full of pictures to color, drawings to finish and designs to doodle. The boys book has a huge variety of activities from monsters and machinery to disguises and dinosaurs. The Girls Book has a huge variety of styles and subjects to inspire every mood from birds to butterflies, fairies to fashion and rainbows to shooting stars. These books have thick, craft-quality paper just waiting to be filled. The gorgeous, original artwork will be irresistible to kids who love to doodle and color.

Girls' activity book Boys' activity book

The Girls Activity Book is filled with codes to crack, things to spot, pictures to complete, and instructions for everything from making an ice cream sundae to being a spy girl or a ballerina dancer.

The Boys Activity Book contains activities like codes to crack, thing sto spot, pictures and stories to complete, easy-to-follow instructions for making balloon rockets, green slime and a bubbling potion, faking cuts, dusting for fingerprints and lots, lots more. (Personal note - I think this would be fun for girls too!) 

Both books are brightly and stylishly illustrated with a diverse variety of lively activities and over 200 stickers! 

Where do baby animals come from? Back to school 
Travel Spooky colouring book 

*** Word is - 22 NEW Kane Miller Books ***
(Great books for Tweens/Teens!)

Lastly (for now) I'd like to share:

These and many many other great titles will be on my website on MONDAY, at - I'm working at getting my website up and working - I changed the direction of my domain and am having issues.

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  1. I like the drawing book for girls. Looks like it would be fun. Also the activity book. Great , informative post.

  2. Oh, that doodling book looks like fun for my daughter. Any new, "That's not my..." books. We love those!

  3. Bright and eye catching. Our family loves to read!

  4. I love Usborne books and would sell them, but I promised my husband I would never try to sell again because I'm terrible at it. Please keep me updated on any giveaways. I will be following you. I do book reviews with Team Mommies PR. If you are interested, we could collaborate somehow. I can be reached at