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Week 4: Starlight Books by Dandi Mackall

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Wk 2: Middle Grade Summer Book Club - The Black Shard:
Be sure to enter the giveaway for Week 2 - The Black Shard. 1 person from the US will win both Books 1 & 2 in this interesting series AND 3 people will win a copy of The Black Shard as an ebook. 

Wk 3: Middle Grade Summer Book Club - Trapped:
Trapped is the story of a very smart teen girl who gets caught in the web of cheating - and what happened. Awesome book for kids 12+, book clubs and youth groups....

~ Review & Giveaway

Week 4: Starlight Animal Rescue by Dandi Mackall
We have an author who is very generously sponsoring 2 separate weeks for the summer Book Club this year! Her name is Dandi Mackall and she writes wonderful books about horses. This week we will be featuring the Starlight Series Animal Rescue books which will be a favorite for our younger readers around 3rd or 4th grade and up . If your boys & girls love horses - they will love these books!

What is the Starlight Animal Rescue? It's....
where problem horses are trained and loved,
where abandoned dogs become heroes,
where stray cats become loyal companions.

And where people with nowhere to fit in find a place to belong. 

Runaway (Starlight Animal Rescue, #1)Book 1: Runaway
ISBN: 978-1414312682
224 pages, age 4th grade +
Amazon: $5.99 (paperback) $4.49 (Kindle)

"I've run away seven times - never once to anything, just away from. Maybe that's why they call me a "runaway" and not a "run-to."

Meet 16 year old Dakota Brown. She used to love all things horse until she lost everything, including hope. The minute she sets foot on her foster parents farm - Starlight Animal Rescue - she plans her escape. But can an impossible horse named Blackfire and this quirky collection of animal lovers be the family she's always dreamed of?

My Thoughts:
The book opens with Dakota working on one of her never ending lists - lists bring chaos into order. They help her form an action plan and let her list places she NEVER wants to see again. So far she has a list of 7.....

Runaway shows a girl hurting, sad, lonely and afraid of trusting anyone. She ends up on a farm for kids no one wants (except Mr and Dr Ann Coolidge. Everyone calls Mr Coolidge "Popeye" - you can too.)

This is a very interesting book for a rainy day or bedtime. It's fast paced, the writing is very well done and the situations in the book are presented in a funny way for a very serious subject. As Dakota starts to plan her "escape" she meets a new resident on the farm "Blackfire" (an abused horse that is scared of everything). She decides to wait until after she has calmed him down and in the process she opens her heart and allows herself to start thinking about staying.

I highly recommend this series for kids in 4th grade and up. There is no language, the situations are clean, there is a strong faith message and what impressed me most was the way Dakota's story was handled and the ending.

You can purchase this book and any of the other books in this wonderful series on Amazon for $5.99. It would make a great birthday gift, stocking stuffer - or just because. There is also a great section in the back on "how to pick out the perfect pet".

Dark Horse (Starlight Animal Rescue, #4) Mad Dog (Starlight Animal Rescue, #2) Wild Cat (Starlight Animal Rescue, #3)

About the author:
Dandi Mackall has been involved with writing and creating characters since she was little girl beginning with my personal favorite game. The story round. Dad would start a story up and then Dandi would chime in the next part and the story would go on and on. (This is a lot of fun in the car and helps time pass very fast.)

She is the author of books for everyone. There are picture books, middle grade books, chapter books and books for teens. She has also written books for adults along with devotionals for animal lovers. She is a "Jane of All Writers". Go ahead, check out her website.

2 lucky families are going to WIN the first 3 books in the Starlight Animal Rescue series - are you ready?

Note: This giveaway ends 6/30, US residents only please.
You must provide a street address if you win & must be 18+.

I received a copy of the Starlight Series books to read and review on Classic Children's Books and Dandi and Tyndale House Publishing very generously offered a giveaway. No money exchanged hands and i wasn't required to post a positive review. Thanks Dandi & Tyndale!

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  1. It was really hard to choose from all the horse series.... so think my daughter would like the Horsefeathers series.

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  3. my grandson would love the horse one

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