Friday, April 19, 2013

April Announcements

I have some exciting news for events coming up right here on Classic Children's Books. Now that school is getting out it's important to think about HOW you are planning to keep your kids learning and reading this summer and CCB is planning on helping you do just that! Here are a few events you'll want to add to your calendar - DO NOT miss out on these:


Be sure to enter to WIN
<drum roll please........>

The Entire Set of 
of books for kids 7+
*** That's 11 possibly 12 (!) books ***

Do I hear a collective WOW?

The 3rd Annual Middle Grade Summer Book Club 
is just around the corner!

Be sure to return starting 5/1 for reviews
(and giveaways) of books like:

  The Cats of Tanglewood Forest Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel
The Cypher (Guardians Inc., #1) Picture of Phoenix Files, Book 1, Arrival

Disclaimer: this post is for announcement purposes - please stay tuned for reviews summer of 2013.

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