Friday, April 26, 2013

Friendship Friday ~ God Bless the USA

This weekend I joined in with Friendship Friday and we are supposed to share a little about ourselves with our readers and then share a favorite song. This week the kids & I have been listening to the Veggietales Go Country CD (Love it!) and tracks 5, 6 and 7 are wonderful. In particular, I love the song God Bless the USA both by the Veggietales crowd and also by Lee Greenwood. So, in memory of the victims of last weeks bombing and in support of the men & women who risk their lives for us everyday ~ Here is the video from Youtube:

This week's theme is "This Land is Your Land" and the questions to answer this week are:

1. What country are you from / do you currently live in? 
I am from the US and live in Nebraska which is smack in the middle of the US. Nebraska is a land of varied temperatures (3 weeks ago the kids had a snow day from school (!) and today it was in the 50's). Most people think that the Midwest is flat but it's not. Nebraska has rolling hills, dunes and buttes. The muddy mo goes right past Omaha where I live and I only have to drive about 5 minutes and I'm in the next state where you'll find the Loess Hills (basically mini cliffs) and beautiful scenic drives. You can learn more about Nebraska here and here.

drawing of bridge at night over river 
The Bob Kerrey pedestrian bridge spans the Missouri River
and people can walk from Nebraska to Iowa just crossing it.

2. How much of that country have you visited? 
    I have visited Colorado several times, Minnesota, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC (I LOVE DC!), California (altho I don't remember it), Iowa (my folks live there), South Dakota (my sister lives there and we've been to the Black Hills, Kansas, Missouri.

3. Which part of the country would you love to visit next? 
    I LOVE the East Coast and would love to visit Philadelphia and Boston to say I've been there. I'd love to stay on the beach again altho in a more secluded area (not touristy). I'd also like to visit Alberquerke and Oregon. If I traveled out of the country I'd like to visit Canada and Scotland (yeah, I want to hear that Scottish accent - don't think I'd ever get tired of it).

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  1. Hi there!
    Saw this on Google+ and thought I'd come visit!
    Nice post! I've been in St Louis when I was 3, but that's it for the middle of our country. I've been ALL over the eastern seaboard, except for New York and Boston.
    I've been through New England - beautiful! Through the Smokeys, and everything south of there. I've also been all the way to California, but that was for work and we had ZERO time for ourselves when I went. Bummer!
    I'm from Michigan, so I've been to Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, so I guess I've been to a lot of places!
    I have not been to the Pacific Northwest, and would LOVE to visit more of California than what I saw through the limo's windows to and from the airport in Pasadena!
    I'll have to hook up to this hop, but my problem is I forget what day it is! LOL!!! Doing my blog, reading so much, plus I'm disabled, for some reason my head does NOT like to keep track of the DAYS! LOL!!! I'll try though! Next week I'll try to remember to link up!
    I'm already signed up for the Children's Book Week Hop! Look forward to that each year!
    I think I did the Summer Splash Giveaway last year, too! I'll have to sign up now!
    I'll grab the button for next week! Looks like it's through
    I used to do a Friday Blog Hop, and it closed about a year ago, so I've missed it! This looks like fun!
    Thanks for doing this post!
    Oh! Spreading the word - since Google Reader is closing, a lot of blogs are starting to use bloglovin'.com, if you are interested! I have nothing to gain by telling anyone about it, but it's just like Google Reader! WAY cool! Just trying to help us all out! Hope it works for you!
    Till next week, I'll see you again!
    Laurie Carlson
    I'm at!

  2. SWFL is a nice spot too. That's where I live - in Naples. Thanks for visiting my blog!