Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer MG Book Club on hold

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to give you all a headsup that CCB will be on a short (hopefully) hiatus until my computer gets fixed. That doesn't mean you won't see me occasionally - it just means I will have to make a trip to the library to update my blog and that won't be on a daily basis as the computers there (an the sniffing, sneezing, hacking patrons) drive me nuts!

Summer Book Club will continue as planned but it will be pushed back a couple weeks probably .... I'm going to have to write out my reviews and then come to the library to post the reviews.... To make it easier I think I'm going to run 1 giveaway and either do 1 very lucky winner or just draw all the winners at the same time.

Please stay tuned - I haven't figured out how I'm going to run the giveaways and advertise it yet...

So, please think kind thoughts and send helpful ideas to my FB page if you know how to fix my computer (got a message that it can't find my license for microsoft XP and the definitions were no where to be found....). I'm waiting to hear back from my computer guru but he just moved on Friday and the computer went down on Saturday so it might be a little while)

Chow! Arrivaderci (or however you spell it) - see ya later!

Tina 'the booklady'

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