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Week 3: The Lily Series: Lily Robbins, MD

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Welcome to the 3rd annual Middle Grade Summer Book Club and I think I have some GREAT books lined up for kids to read this summer... we have some mystery, chic books, and some great ones for guys & girls!

Week 3: The Lily Series: Lily Robbins, MD
by Nancy Rue
ISBN: 978-1400319510
$ 7.19 (paperback)
$ 5.99 (kindle)

About the book:
When she helps a family who is in a car accident, Lily knows she's found her true calling -- she's meant to be a "great healer." Armed with medical tv shows, books from the library, and a health class at a local gym, Lily's out to make the world a healthier place, starting with her best friends. If only they'd cooperate...

My thoughts:
I love the idea of a kid knowing what she (or he) wants to be when they grow up. Lily Robbins MD is one of those kids - she loves helping others and making a difference in someone's life. You'll find Lily reaching out to others, learning more than just first aid and trying to find ways she can succeed in reaching her goal.... to be a doctor when she grows up.

Lily and her friends are wonderful kids... yes, they're all boy crazy and kinda strange as all middle grade kids are but I really liked them. Each kid in the book has their own special personality and each of Lily's friends seem to be the kind of kids I'd want my own daughter to be involved with. Lily has a passion for well a variety of things. Her family knows her as the kid that can't stick with one passion so when she asks for CPR & First Aid lessons after she helps a little boy with internal injuries when he is in a bad car accident she decides "I want to be a dr when I grow up" her parents tell her "we'll see" and lets see if your still interested in 6 months. Lily's dad ends up finding a class for girls 10-13 at his fitness center and when it turns out that it's about puberty and periods (etc) she decides she doesn't want to finish the class & guess what mom & dad make her stick with it.

Lilly Robbins MD is all about preadolescent girls, BFF's and angst girl style. It's about learning about your body, changes and middle school. Boys too. I wouldn't have a problem handing this book off to a 4th grade girl (and up) to read. The information about the changes a girl goes through is clear cut, well put and in words your girls will be comfortable with. I loved the idea of having a celebration when a little girl turns into a Mini Woman - sure wish someone had done that for me when I was 9!

Read a chapter (click on Click to Look Inside)

Tween You and Me: for Faithgirlz & Mini Women 9 to 13'ish
Nancy Rue is the author of Lilly Robbins MD and several other books for Tween Girls. She has put together a wonderful website & newsletter for girls in this age group - it's kind of a club for Mini Women! She talks about girl stuff like.... boys, periods, treating others (friends & parents) with respect and a whole lot more! Be sure to sign up for the Tween You and Me newsletter - it's your mandatory entry for this week's giveaway. =D

Be sure to check out her other books The Lily Series, The Lucy Series and The Sophie Series


Learn more about Nancy Rue's mission:

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Website: Nancy Rue

Thanks for having such a passion for encouraging kids to be Strong Readers! I have another Nancy Rue review going up sometime this fall I believe... be sure to check it out and then follow my blog so you can return to learn more about The Merciful Scar! Be sure to visit the rest of the Middle Grade Summer Book Club:
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  1. The Lily series sounds great, thanks for linking it on the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  2. I have...well, I won't even go into how many girls I have. Suffice it to say that there's one week a month when my husband and son head for the man cave. At any rate, they are all avid readers, and we are always on the look-out for new reading materials. Thanks for the informative post about Ms. Rue's series and the extras! Hope to see you again soon on the hop!

  3. This sounds like the beginnings of a great tween series. I am partial to all things medical in middle grade but I am a nerdy RN so of course I would love these kinds of books for kids. Thank so much for joining us on the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Cheers Julie Grasso (hostess)

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