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2nd Annual Children's Book Week -

Children's Book Week Giveaway Hop
May 7th - 13th

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This year I will have 2 packages with 2 different age groups. Due to the requirement of having just a few entries I have separated them into 2 different giveaways using Rafflecopter. You can enter 1 or both giveaways. =D Can I hear a Yipee!?

Package #1: Value $50
5 NEW Spring Titles from Sylvan Dell Publishing!

When a volcano explodes, many plants and animals die. Gopher survives in his burrow. How does he help life return to the mountain? Scientists spent years observing life returning to Mount St. Helens. This fictionalized story is based on their surprising findings on how life returns to a destroyed habitat. Animals, like people, enjoy spending time with their friends and family. Many groups of animals have their own unique names. Did you know a group of gorillas is a called a band? And a bunch of billy goats is a tribe? Following in the footsteps of Multiply on the Fly (multiplication), the award-winning What’s New at the Zoo? (addition) and What’s the Difference? (subtraction), this rhythmic, fun-to-read-aloud book introduces children to division as they conquer bands, tribes, mobs and more.  Penelope Parker lives with penguins! Short ones, tall ones; young and old—the penguins are from all over the Southern Hemisphere including some that live near the equator! Do the penguin antics prove too much for her to handle? Children count and then compare and contrast ten different penguin species as they learn geography. Beatrix the beaver longs to be good at something. Her brother Bevan is an expert at repairing the lodge with mud and twigs. Her sister Beverly is a superb swimmer and underwater gymnast. What makes Beatrix stand out?

Each of the titles from Sylvan Dell are award winning books designed to teach children Math & Science concepts through a FUN fiction story. Each includes 4-6 pages of activities (they can be tweaked for younger children) and you can also download an additional 40 pages of activities which are ideal for homeschools & classroom activities. Teachers & parents love these books & kid's can't get enough of them!

Package #2: Value $13.25
by Rie Sheridan Rose
Middle Grade Fiction
(age 12+ approximately)

Rie very generously offered a copy of The Luckless Prince so we can include the Middle Grade genre in our Giveaway event. Last year I reviewed The Luckless Prince and loved it ~ This year I included it in a very short list of my favorite Children's Books of 2011 (I've read it 3 times already & am anxiously awaiting book #2!)  

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