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The Luckless Prince ~ Favorite Books of 2011

This week I continue my series on My Favorite Books from 2011 - these are books I reviewed and shared with you on either this blog or my former Children's Blog: Family Literacy and You. The book reviews are being repeated for you to enjoy - hopefully you'll decide to purchase the book and help support the author (and encourage them to start ~ or finish ~ the sequel!). 

The Luckless Prince

by Rie Sheridan Rose
Published by Zumaya Otherworlds
ISBN: 9781612710143
320 pages, 14+
$13.25 Paperback 
$6.99 Kindle 

"Do I have a choice, Mendana? He is my brother - maybe not by blood, but my brother just the same. And I swore to his father on my honor I would protect him." ~ by Steavil, pg 170

My Thoughts:
What a wonderful fantasy/adventure book! 
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The Luckless Prince is the story of Steavil found in the woods by a King, brought back to the palace as a playmate and eventually as a squire to his son Roland. A boy who has spent his life not knowing who he is, protecting the prince from his scrapes, acting as a "conscious" to the prince and saving his life and giving up the ability to walk with ease and grace when the king's own dogs attack them after Roland loses his temper and throws a spear in their direction.

This book is very well written, full of action, adventure and even a love story or two. I would say it's for older teens and adults due to the love story (but no love "scenes"), language (not a ton) and the battles. There are no graphic scenes so depending on your kid's maturity I can see teens 16 and older reading it. I loved it (LOTR's & Progeny fan that I am).

The world of Steavil and Roland is very reminisent of LOTR's. The Elves are dying off and the world of men believe they have vanished. Rie has created a wonderful "Elvish" language even as brief as it is within the book and the poetry and music is beautifully written. Roland's kingdom is in danger of being taken over by his cousin, Norfulk, a madman and wizard who ultimately wants Roland and his father dead and the world of the Elves destroyed and to be placed as "King" of both Kingdoms.

I'm going to stop there - I really don't want to give anymore away. Be sure to get this book if you enjoy Fantasy and Adventure. It's outstanding and you won't want to put it down once you start reading it. You can purchase the paperback here $13.25 or the Kindle edition here $6.99. It's worth every penny and is eligible for FREE shipping with a $25 order.

Now, if only the sequel was already out! I can't wait!

Sample the first three Chapters for free!

About the author:
Rie Sheridan Rose has been writing professionally for over 10 years. She has written 4 novels, 1 short story collection, 2 chapbooks of collected stories as well as 5 poetry collections. The Half-Price Books 1999 "Say Good-Night to Illiteracy" Anthology contained her children's story "Bedtime for Benny". You can learn more about Rie here.

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