Monday, February 27, 2012

Did you see?

Did you see the alignment of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus this weekend? No? Well, here you go:

from: website

Now, we (read that "I") missed the event on Saturday (25th) and Sunday (26th) but the show continues in March (minus the moon)!

Per the website:
In March, Venus and Jupiter continue their relentless convergence until, on March 12th and 13th, the duo lie only three degrees apart—a spectacular double beacon in the sunset sky (sky map).  Now you’ll be able to hide them together behind a pair of outstretched fingertips.  (click here for article)

This is the Prime Time for you as parents (or an ideal Father/Child activity) to learn WITH your child about the night sky! Usborne Books can help you with high quality tools that are reasonably priced and your child will pull them out over and over again as they grow up.

Space Explorer Camps promote critical thinking through active reading, effective writing and inquiry learning. It's all the FUN of Camp at Your House! These kits are ideal for families, homeschooling groups, teachers, after school programs and badge type programs (read that as Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, etc) - And how about during the summer? YOU can set up a whole block of activities for the families that live on YOUR block! There are many neighborhoods that use Usborne's Kits to not only keep their kids busy learning during the summer (

Did you know? Students can lose UP TO 30% of their skills and knowledge during the summer! Smarty Pants Camps will help keep children reading, writing & problem solving during the summer to help prevent this Summer Brain Drain!

Discovery Astronaut Camp Kit
Age 8-9 yrs $80 #781280
Read an excerpt:

This camp kit includes: How High is the Sky?, Pelly & Mr Harrison Visit the Moon, Space, Living in Space, 100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky, What's Physics All About? 100 Science Experiments, Discovery Astronaut Official Camp Notebook.

Apollo Astronaut Camp Kit
Age 10-12 yrs $80 #781281
Read an excerpt:

This camp kit includes: Science Encyclopedia, Story of Astronomy and Space, 100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky, What's Physics All About? 100 Science Experiments, Apollo Astronaut Official Camp Notebook.

Families can purchase both SETS of Kits! This is great if you have kids in 2 different age groups. The Discovery Astronaut Camp Kit can be used for younger kits - you will just have to "tweak" it to work for younger children who may not be able to do the reading & writing on their own. 

The Discover Astronaut & Apollo Astronaut Camp Kits
Age 8-12 yrs $135 #781284
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Neighborhood Camp Fun: Wondering how to do something like this in YOUR neighborhood? Watch for details....

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