Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FREE literacy activities for kids - Online & MP3's for your eReader

I won a Kindle Touch this summer and with my new daycare I have been trying to find FREE High Quality eBooks and Games to use with the preschoolers in my care. In particular I'd like them to be able to use it in the car while we drive to activities, wait at the school to pick up older kids, etc. I've been doing a little research and thought I'd share my results with you:

Note: Each portable media player has a different process for moving audio & video files from your computer onto the device. For specific instructions on how to load & play video & music, visit the support Web site for your specific device.

Between the LionsBetween the Lions - There are stories available for kids to listen to on your internet-able electronic things. If your computer is MP3 friendly be sure to download these Music Mixes. There are 4 of them - just right click on the "Download" button and choose "Save Link As".

Other literacy sites (to download & print - or download to your computer to play/listen):

BBC Learning Zone
Programs you can download as MP3's and play on your mobile/eReader device: Click Here

Jack & the Beanstalk - 
14 short video episodes, in a new adaptation for 5 to 7 year olds.
Each video is accompanied by a transcript. The story also features in our Music pages where it is presented with seven songs, with downloads of the music and audio.

Rhyme Rockets:

I haven't heard of this show but it's listed in the Parents/Teacher's section of BBC (click here). This show was for kids 4-6 and the available booklet that you download & print contains lots of classic rhymes and also several new ones.  Show site

This site has several hundred FREE audios for Preschoolers to early elementary. Click here I believe there is to be a way to download to a mobile device, I just haven't figured it out. There are several stories I'm interested in for Sierra.

The Lost Egg by Judie McEwen Pirate - the barking Kookaburra by Adrian Plitzco Gecko on the Wall by Danielle Bruckert

Be sure to also check Sylvan Dell Publishing - each month they have a FREE book to listen to online in Spanish & English. These books all have a fiction type story that teaches math, science, social sciences, green, etc within the story itself. These are wonderful books! This months book is: The Most Dangerous:

Click to read The Most Dangerous

Here is a great list where I found most of the above sites: Click Here

Have you found any great sites for non-app type devices? I have a Kindle Touch and would love to have interactive books, audios, games, etc - they just need to be FREE or less than $4 each. I'd love to know what you've been able to find!

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