Monday, September 3, 2012 - Check It Out!

Hi everyone -

I have a new little guy starting daycare tomorrow. He will be going to preschool in the mornings and now I'm trying to come up with some fun ideas of activities to do with him. We may or may not have Sierra (age 3) with us - depends how much she needs a nap that day. I'm thinking a rest period in the afternoon and then maybe some outdoor playtime doing nature stuff. 

I was cruising the internet looking for some fun activities and came across a fun website called:
Nature rocks is a neat site with all kinds of activities. Just plug in your child's age and how much time you have (to keep 'em busy) and watch all kinds of activities pop up. I could of used this this summer! Check out the activities for kids 4-6 years old, 30 minutes to 1 hour and in the community:

1. What do you hear?
2. What scent is this?
3. Where do Animals Live?
4. Count the Animals One by One
5. Climb a tree

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt
2. Games of Yore
3. Act Like an Animal on Parade
4. Sneaky Secret Agent, Mission: Bug Discovery
5. Tree, Meet My Child

Find Nature in your community:
Scroll to the bottom at and enter your zipcode and a map comes up with arrows & blue dots. Click on those and sites with Child Friendly Nature FUN comes up. Click here to check out the FUN in Omaha!

Here's a Giveaway you don't want to miss:
I also found a giveaway if anyone is interested. It's sponsored by MikobiScribe and is for a Eco-Friendly Monthly Kid's Craft Project Kit. Each month you'll get at least 3 FUN crafts with the supplies needed (you provide scissors, glue - the basics) and you'll also get a booklet with more nature activities that include math, science and literacy activities. Cool, huh?

So, a 3 month subscription, value is $58! Click Here to Enter!

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