Thursday, September 13, 2012

Montessori Services - Pick Up Words Review

Montessori Services

Bamboo Pick-Up Words
Here is a FUN game that reinforces the skill of recognizing sight words.  Based on the old game "Pick Up Sticks" this game has a twist. Kids still try to pick up sticks without moving any others - the twist is that it also helps kids work on their sight words at the same time.

Each stick is made of bamboo and each has a work printed on one end. As the kid picks up a stick they need to read the word on the stick. If they get it correct they can pick up to 5 sticks up before their turn ends. Simple right?

I'm watching 2 girls this year. Hailey (age 7) and Sierra (age 3) and both girls love it. Granted Sierra can't read yet but she recognizes that there is a word on the stick and holds it up for us to read to her. She is the kid that drags out this game more than the other 2 kids I watch do. 

What I'd like to see with this game is a series for different grades. Maybe upgrade it to have more sticks and a larger set. Especially for older kids. I could easily see a set for each grade.  I'd also love to see a set with letters and shapes for younger kids (age 3-6). You can do the colors with the old version "Pick Up Sticks" that you can pick up anywhere but it would be great to have other versions of this game.

Be sure to check out these games that also promote cooperation, reading readiness, counting and sequencing and more here and herePick Up Words is available Online for $14.50.

Montessori is offering one of our readers a set of Pick Up Words  - enter here. Please make sure you follow all the instructions for the entries you claim - I check each winner drawn and if it's not there all of your entries will be deleted. I've had several people claiming them and not following through & that's not fair to those that do it right.
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I received a set to play with and review on Classic Children's Books. No money exchanged hands and I wasn't required to give a positive review.


  1. Sounds like a great fun game for the kids. Im unable to enter as in the UK but will share for you xx Thanks for popping over to the weekly book blog hop this week xx

    1. Gosh thanks Sharon! I really appreciate all you do for your bloggy friends. =D Have a great weekend!

  2. I like these items:

    Thank you for the chance to win!