Friday, November 23, 2012

Kidzone - Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Recently I found a company called School Zone Publishing at Walgreens in the children's book section. They had a workbook called Scissor Skills which I thought would be a great addition to the preschool curriculum I had invested in & that Sierra just didn't seem to be ready for. It was heavy on the Pre-Reading and Math Activities along with Crafts - she loved the crafts but didn't want anything to do with the letter & number tracing and she doesn't have the small motor skills for the tracing yet anyway (she is SUPERB at making short lines and circles though) . Sierra LOVES cutting and pasting. Turns out the book also included some  Pre-Reading Skills, colors, numbers and other activities and for Sierra it was just the right amount of "Preschool Stuff" for her.

I contacted Kidzone to see if they would like to sponsor a giveaway on the Turkey Hunt Blog Hop this week and they sent me 2 different sets of flashcards - which Sierra LOVES by the way - and I think we are set for a Preschool Curriculum company at this point in time.

             Write On Learning

Part of their NEW Interactive Flashcards line this set would be ideal for kids 4+ who have some control in small motor skills. At the bottom of each laminated card is a section where kids can trace the word and includes an area for them to practice writing it on their own as well. Each set includes 2 wipe off pens and the ink wipes off beautifully with a paper towel.

Other cards in this category are Bedtime Alphabet which includes a flashlight which you shine through the cards onto the ceiling at bedtime (this is uber cool!) and the Peek A Boo Learning Cards where you peek through a clever cut-out and the use the catchy rhymes to answer questions - the other side of the cards can be use to review shapes, colors & numbers. 

These cards are not your everyday flashcards which promote memory work and use pictures to trigger a memory or give clues - they promote reading readiness, word recognition, thinking skills & vocabulary usage.

Purchase it: You can purchase the NEW Interactive cards at Costco and Sam's Club while quantities last - they are a limited edition and would make for great birthday party gifts , stocking stuffers, car games and just because.

You can also purchase them online as a set THIS WEEKEND - $32.00 or $12.99 each

The Sight Words Combo Pack is for a little older child and includes 55 sight word flashcards, a skill pad and a pencil. The skill pad is designed to extend what they are learning visually to practice the skills they just did with the flashcards cognitively by reading, writing and tracing the word. This set is ideal for kids starting to read, needing extra practice with sight words and word recognition. $6.99. 

The 32 page Skill Pad helps:
* kids strengthen their focus  
* build comparison and recognition skills
* Increase reading fluency
* Rhyming words and completing sentences reinforces & 
   expands vocabulary
* Your child will master over 100 common sight words
* Following Directions, tracing, word recognition, writing, 
   printing and fine motor skills 

Other combo packs available are: Addition and Multiplication

Purchase it: $6.99 each - includes an access code for Golden Scholar which is an online gift. 

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the 3 letter words flash card set and the sight words combo pack to review on CCB. I was not required to post a positive review and no money exchanged hands. 

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