Sunday, February 17, 2013

Look Another Booki!

Look! Another Book!Look Another Book!
by Bob Staake
ISBN: 978-0316204590
$11.55 (hardcover)

About the book:
A boot!
A fruit!
A crossing guard newt!

Once AGAIN a seek-and-find,
MORE images of every kind!

From a music note to a teeny red boat, a blue kangaroo to a robot or two, there are endless things to discover in this zany follow-up to Look! A Book! from award-winning artist Bob Staake. Die cuts on the cover and every spread reveal hidden treasures in each vast landscape, from a zoo gone wild to an out-of-this-world moon base to a crazy art museum, and more, providing hours of entertainment to readers young and old.

My thoughts:
My 5 year old boy LOVES this book! Is it the monsters? The bright colors? The level of difficulty? The fact that he is very detailed? I don't know - but he LOVES it! Look Another Book is a fairly large book - ideal for lying on your tummy on the floor and looking at the pictures. Each double page spread is preceded by a solid colored page with 3 holes in it that highlights one thing each. It could be a punk alien or a drop of red paint or even a little monster - we'd look at that picture, then turn the page and try to find that item - he didn't quite connect that the picture would be where the whole on the previous page was when it was closed. But I'm sure that will come. =D

There don't seem to be a lot of things to find on each double page spread so I usually would find some little detail and ask him if he could find it - he doesn't read yet so he didn't realize that the book didn't asked him to do that. After you find everything in the book there is a full page that actually opens up vertically with another list of things to find. Everything rhymes which Connor loved and of course, being a boy, he LOVED the monsters!

This would be a great birthday book, FUN to read in the car, on a summer day at the beach inbetween building sand castles & wave surfing, in bed on a sick day - or whenever.

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About the author:
Bob Staake is an award-winning illustrator who has authored and/or illustrated close to 50 books, including Look! A Book!, Trucks Go Pop!, and Pets Go Pop!. His work is also featured on the covers of the New Yorker and in the pages of the Washington Post. His book The Red Lemon won a New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book Award in 2006. You can visit Bob online at

I was given a copy of this book to review on CCB. No money exchanged hands and I was not required to give a positive review.

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