Monday, August 5, 2013

Goliath's Secret

Goliath's Secret
by Bonnie Feuer
illustrated by Sharai Platt
ISBN: 978-0982546888
$15.19 (hardcover)

About the book:
Near a waterfall in the lush West African forest, seven animals come across the wonderful, but silent, Goliath Frog. They all feel sorry for this giant, believing that he is unable to communicate. In rhyme and prose the West African animals describe the unique ways in which they communicate with one another. Using objects found in nature, they also try to help Goliath find his own voice. The caring animals are disappointed when the frog does not respond.... until he reveals his own surprising secret.

My thoughts:
What a delightful surprise Goliath's Secret was! I was not expecting it to be as educational as the story is. Your child will learn about how Giraffes and the way they communicate ~ as well as how Cranes, Otters and Fireflies "talk". There are interesting descriptions of the animals and what they look like as well as a little about their habitat. But... the real "plus" in the story is how each animal learns to accept the Giant Frog in the end and the surprise they receive at the end. This is a great book that teaches kids not to judge others on what they THINK they know about that individual in words that kids (and adults) understand and in a compassionate gentle way.

There are 32 beautiful full color illustrations in Goliath's Secret that feature West African animals. I was trying to see if they are painted or perhaps colored pencil or ink and didn't figure it out - but they are absolutely beautiful and perfect for this tale.

Be sure to add this to your library - it's perfect for teaching your kids about differences in others, West African animals and their habitats and to be honest would be a great introduction or book to read before heading to the zoo. You can purchase Goliath's Secret on Amazon here.

I was offered a copy of Goliath's Secret to read and review on CCB. I was not required to have a positive review and no $$ exchanged hands. Thanks for reading CCB.

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