Saturday, August 31, 2013

Momables - a Mom Sanity Saver!

DIY-Lunch(able): Chicken Soft Tacos - Hungry?  Starts Today: WIN a FREE 3 month subscription to Momables - the Healthy, Inexpensive and FUN Lunch Menu that Kids Love & Parents Crave! 9/10/13, USAs many of you know I have a very small daycare in my home - I love kids but I also LOVE handing the kids back at bedtime! I do enjoy cooking but my interests can be different than the kids and I get so tired of "but I don't like that!" (I then usually hear mmmmmm and little snorts as they are stuffing their faces.) So I started cruizing the internet looking for some new ideas for lunch menus and ideas that I can tweak for snacks. I had 3 things that I was specifically looking for:

1) Menus! & Grocery Lists!
2) Food Kids actually WILL eat!
3) Nutritious & Easy to Make!

And then I found Momables!
(they have a Healthy Homemade Poptarts recipe too!)

MOMables is a school lunch meal planning service that helps parents feed their kids a variety of lunches they will love. Their one simple plan approach has built in substitutions for vegetarian, gluten free and nut free options when needed (it is not a dairy free or vegan plan).
When I logged into the system for my first week of menus I found that Laura had prepared 5 lunch menus. Plus the menus for the last two weeks are listed to so if there is something the kids absolutely won't try... I have other options!
I'll be the first to admit that my kids probably won't eat everything but this will be a GREAT start to introducing the kids to new foods each week. If I start small they will come (right? right?). What I loved about the menus too is that she gives me all the menus, tips on how to prepare them, pictures of what the food will look like and a shopping list.
Last week I made the kids one of the lunches that was featured on her website to test on the kids. I called them "FUN Lunches" and made them up in a Easy Lunchbox for each kid. They LOVED it! and had fun exploring what I made them. I also downloaded the FREE sample week of Momables and tried Lunch 5 which is the Egg Salad with Turkey & Cheese Swords. Yeah.... they liked the swords (actually kabob sticks). Um Hmmm. Unfortunately the picture I took came out kinda blurry - but they loved them and thought they had to spear each others veggies and yeah.... I took the spears away. Aren't I mean?
I can't wait to try the Strawberry Shortcake Wafflewiches either! (another FREEbie!) read: how to pack lunch for picky eaters
I love the idea of an EASY Menu each week that's yummy, nutritious and Healthy!
Keeley McGuire: Lunch Made Easy: @Laura Fuentes/ Gluten Free School Lunches MOMables was started by Laura Fuentes, a mom of 3 kids under seven years old, to help other parents get out of the lunch packing rut. MOMables offers a weekly school lunch meal plan with 5 lunch ideas, a prep-ahead sheet and a shopping list to help us busy parents feed our kids good food they will actually eat for only $6 per month!
Laura has been kind enough to offer my readers a sample week of MOMables for FREE, when you sign up for their weekly newsletter. It’s also loaded with free recipes, tips and so much more.
WIN a 3 Month Subscription!
*** THIS giveaway was restarted on 9/8 - as a glitch in something made it disappear and I couldn't draw the winner ~ I'm sorry about this & hopefully one of the original enterers will win ***
Momables is also sponsoring a giveaway here on CCB! I'm just a little excited about this one - I think it will really be beneficial to you and we all know how hard it is to come up with new ideas that are healthy, delicious and not expensive - well, Momables a great option for your family and mine!
You can learn more about Momables Online @, on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Viddy and Twitter as well as check out their many menus on Pinterest. Please let them know CCB (Classic Children's Books) sent you. =D

Disclaimer: I was offered a 3 month subscription in exchange for my honest review of the Momables subscription service. I was not required to write a positive review and no money exchanged hands. Please note that this and other posts may include an affiliate link and income from affiliates helps provide you our readers with quality book reviews and other benefits. Thanks for reading!
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  1. These look awesome, thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. I made lunches for my girl last week using several of these recipes. The biggest hit was the chicken nuggets with carrot fries. My five year old didn't LOVE everything, but she TRIED everything, which is a huge, huge win.