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Eggs 123, Who Will The Babies Be? by Janet Halfmann

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Today I have a great book called Eggs 123, Who Will The Babies Be? by one of my favorite author friends Janet Halfmann. I've reviewed all of her books here on CCB over the last 3-4 years and I've enjoyed every last one of them and this week..... I get to GIVE ONE AWAY! Yay!

Eggs 123, Who Will The Babies Be?

By Janet Halfmann
ISBN: 9781609051914
$12.78 (hardback)

About the book:
What will peck and poke, or swim, or fly, or wobble out of these eggs? Whether one or many, large or small, white, green, or blue, an egg is always a surprise, waiting to hatch into something new. Come count... Come discover... Come see what will these babies be!

My thoughts:
This book is a favorite at Sunny Days Daycare. So much so that Sierra had a melt down “I NEED my popup book! Waaaaa!” and Sierra kept carrying on at home until mom finally texted me “Do you have any idea what this book is Sierra is going on and on about?”

Well it was Eggs 123, Who Will the Babies Be? Count from 1 to 10 with your children as they discover what kind of eggs that Penguins, Platypuss Pugglets, Caterpillars, Robins and other creatures are hatched from. Each number presents the eggs as a little rhyme and the children guess from the picture and the rhyme what kind of animal or creature is in that egg. They also learn a little about habitats: tadpoles are born in ponds and turn into frogs, Robins live in nests, Fish are called Fry and Turtle hatchlings have shells tiny and soft....

Eggs 123, Who Will the Babies Be? Is set up as a 3 page spread sort of. The left page has the rhyme with a huge number and the right page opens up to a 2 page spread that shows the creature in it's habitat. The pictures are not bright – but illustrated in more muted sharp colors and really draw the eye into the picture itself. They also seem to be a form of collage that I found very interesting to look at. The book closes by saying: You've counted all the eggs from 1 to 10 and then the next 3 page spread shows all the eggs with the name of them under it. I'm not sure but the eggs look like they are actual size (I'm not sure about the Ostrich egg). If you open that page it shows each of the numbers in very big sizes and the creature that was learned about next to it (ie 1 Penguin, 2 Platypus Pugglets, etc).

Sierra “borrowed” the book and took it to school to share with her preschool class and it was a big hit there. Then we took it down to the librarian at the school and she now has it on her list for the school as well as her grandson. Eggs 123, Who Will the Babies Be? Will fast turn into your kiddo's favorite book too! Personally I think this book is ideal for kids 2 ½ and up. I say 2 ½ because it depends how nicely they play with books. If they are still tearing books I would make it a “Read with Mommy or Daddy book” - otherwise the flaps are not glued on. They are all part of 1 page that is folded. I particularly love that kind of flap book because they just last longer.
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You can learn about the many books written by the author Janet Halfmann – I have reviewed almost all of them I think on CCB and you can find their reviews by clicking on the name of the book:  I have not come across one of Janet's books that I haven't loved and highly recommend to librarians and friends. I love them all!
Eggs 123, Who Will the Babies Be? has already won 3 awards! These links are from Janet's website:
Lupine Honor Book Award acceptance speech, talking about my inspiration.
Click here to read more about the book's Cybils award.
Click here to read more about the book's NY Public Library award.

Would you like a copy of the book for your favorite kiddo? This giveaway will end on 10/13 @ Midnight and is for US readers. Thanks for understanding. Enter here:
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Disclaimer: I was offered a copy of the book to read and review with my little ones. I was not required to have a positive review and no money exchanged hands. Thanks for reading Classic Children's Books!


  1. What a fun review. Bless Sierra's heart. I hope she now has her very own Eggs 1, 2, 3 to read as often as she wants. Thanks so much for sharing my book with the librarians. I appreciate it so much!

  2. How cute is this book! I think my son would like it too! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Mommy Monday! xoxo

  3. Great review! Discovered this book while volunteering at the SCBWI-WI table for a book festival- it's brilliant and fun!

  4. Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday :)