Sunday, October 30, 2011

Animal FUN with Janet Halfmann

I am still in the process of moving many of my favorite reviews over from my old blog to my new address and today I thought I would share 3 of Janet Halfmann's delightful animal stories. These 3 books are now available in my Online Bookstore which you can find by clicking here. All of the books in my new bookstore are discounted (most 1/2 price) & very gently read so you and your family can enjoy them in your home library.

The first 2 books were published by Sylvan Dell Publishing and the last one is by Star Bright Books. All 3 books teach math & science concepts through the story and  it's a nice low key way to introduce math and science to younger children. The link on the title of each book leads to my bookstore & the discounted book. When it's sold I'll switch it to Amazon so you'll continue to get a good discount.

Fur and Feathers - $4.50 (1 available)
by Janet Halfmann
Illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein
32 pages, appr age 4-9 yrs

From the Website:
When Sophia dreams that howling winds wisk the fur & feathers right off her animal friends, she shares some of her clothes with them. But her clothing doesn't work well for the animals. Seeing their disappointment, she offers to sew each one the "right" coat. Animals line up to explain what they need & why. Polar Bear needs white fur to stay warm and hide in the snow. Fish needs scales but with slime. Snake needs scales too, but dry ones. And how will Sophia make a prickly coat for Porcupine? The award winning team of Halfmann and klein (Little Skink's Tail) reunite to bring animal coverings (and classification) to live in an imaginative way.

My thoughts:
Fur & Feathers is a wonderful story of a little girl who is worried because all the animals have lost their fur, feathers, scales, etc. So what does she do about it? This story will fast become a favorite with your children. And guess what? You'll also get a FUN new game you can play in the car, at bedtime, while waiting at the doctor's office - you fill in the blank!

Gold Moonbeam Award & 2012 Teacher's Choice Award for Children's Books
Extras:  For Creative Minds (English) / (Español), Teaching Activities 

Skink.phpLittle Skink's Tail
by Janet Halfmann
Illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein
32 pages, appr age 4-8 yrs

About the Book:
Little Skink is the story of a Skink living in the forest. One day while looking for ants to eat she is attacked by a crow who wants to eat her. Quick as a wink her tail snaps off and while it distracts the crow Little Skink scurries away to hide. As day after day goes by Little Skink imagines life with a tail like other animals she sees in the forest until one day...

My thoughts:

I loved this story. You'll enjoy watching Little Skink "trying on" different types of tails from animals that she sees. The pictures are bright, vibrant and perfect for a study of habitats. Also, just before you turn the page see if you can figure out which animal's tail she is going to try on next! (This is great for encouraging kids to think about what they're reading and what comes next in the story). Also per Janet Halfmann's website there is another animal in the book that changes while Little Skink changes too! I'm going to have to go back and see if I can "see" it!

- FPA President’s Book Awards Finalist
- Teacher's Choice Award
- 2010 Gold Mom’s Choice Awards 

For Creative Minds / (Español)

Good Night Little Sea Otter
by Janet Halfmann
Illustrated by Wish Williams
32 pages, appr age 3-6 yrs
$4.00 gently used (1 available)

Little ones will soon settle down for bedtime just like Little Sea Otter as he snuggles with Mama in a cozy bed of Sea Kelp and calls good night to all his ocean friends - sea lions, sea snails, seagulls, seals and sea urchins. They all reply. The gently rocking seas and Mama's loving arms soon send Little Sea Otter to dreamland.

My thoughts:
Little Sea Otter pulls the same tricks your kids do to avoid going to bed. Well, except maybe asking for a drink of water. The artwork in the book is wonderful and you can play games such as "Where are the Sea Lions?" Other sea creatures you'll see are star fish, sea urchins , clams, crabs, fish, snails and seagulls. You can point out the colors of the animals and your kids will soon be reading along with you.

Good Night Little Sea Otter was published by Star Bright Books and is a good fit for preschools, daycare and homes and easily opens conversation about the following subjects: language arts, life science, family relationships, direction, measurement, colors, textures, shapes and more.


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