Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Once Upon a Time ~ New Show Review

I just finished watching the first episode of Once Upon a Time which is a new show on Sunday nights. Based on the story of Snow White & Prince Charming the story continues on their wedding day and a brand new curse by the Evil Witch/Step Mother. The new curse condemns all in Storybrook to a live of loosing their loved ones, time stops still and the characters forget their memories of those they love. The only hope they have is Snow White & Prince Charmings baby girl Emma who escapes on the day of her birth when they put her in a "magical" tree/wardrobe.

What a great story. The acting is top notch (so far) and the story is mysterious and scary enough that kids of all ages will want to watch it. Younger children might be a little scared so you'll want to consider whether they are old enough to watch it. It reminds me a lot of some of the Disney movies and I'm wondering if this is a Disney show? Anyone know?

Would love to hear your comments! =D Tina "The Book Lady"

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  1. I watched the first episode and immediately set it to record the entire series on my DVR. I loved it - so creative and unusual. Not the tired same ol' same ol' that all the other shows are now. And thank goodness, not a reality show! lol I agree, the acting was superb! I give this an A+ for originality and acting! Now watch, it'll be canceled after 1 season like all the good shows are. :(