Monday, October 3, 2011

The Story of Noah's Ark - Book Review

The Story of Noah's Ark
Storybook & Wall Clings
by Lori C Froeb
Paperback, 16 pages, Age 4-8
Published by Kregel
ISBN: 9780825455520
Available on Amazon for $9.99

The story of Noah and his ark is one of the most frequently read stories in the Bible. With this deluxe set, kids can use the wall clings to recreate the awesome scene of all the animals boarding the ark. As they read about Noah and his adventure, children are prompted to stick the vinyl clings on any painted wall. The clings safely stick and easily peel right off, so kids can rearrange them however they choose and reuse them for hours of enjoyment!

The Story of Noah's Ark is a favorite of most children. It's exciting to think of having a zooful of animals in a boat and God taking care of Noah and his family too. This story is written for the preschool crowd with large cartoonish type illustrations and the story is written for little children in a conversational tone. This book also includes 2 pages of window clings that can be used on the wall or the window for children to play with and tell the story in their own words. 

The suggested age range for this book is 4-8 but I can see kids as young as 3 enjoying the clings (with some supervision to keep younger kids from eating them). The story itself can be "tweaked" for older 2 - 3 year olds provided they are able to sit still and listen to a story.

At this time there is only one book. I'd like to see other favorite bible stories included in a series. Perhaps Adam & Eve, Daniel in the Lions Den, Joseph, David & Goliath, Moses, Baby Jesus and  Paul & Timothy (for older preschoolers to early elementary age). The book is a paperback and I'd like to see it released in a hardback instead of paperback, but perhaps they chose paper due to the clings to make it easier to store them. 

The author, Lori C Froeb, has released several books for kids from Baby to Preschool. There are several wonderful board books: Noah's Ark, Creation and Baby Jesus for Babies and Toddlers. For the Preschool crowd you might want to also check out: One Special Night: the Christmas Story Pop-Up, Silent Night,  The Newborn King: a Storybook with Puzzle Scene (I suggest keeping the pieces in a ziploc baggie if you think they will get lost).

I received a complimentary copy of The Story of Noah's Ark & the Wall Clings from Kregel Publications for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review.  I received no other compensation.

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  1. Noah's Ark is a favorite at our house and this book looks like a great addition.