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Janet Halfmann releases 2 NEW books this year!

Janet Halfmann has done it again! She has released 2 books in the last few months and I get to review them for you! Both are nature books and your kids are going to love them! There is a very interesting interview with Janet Halfmann at the bottom. So, read on....

Star of the Sea - Janet Halfmann; illustrations by Joan PaleyStar of the Sea
by Janet Halfmann
Illustrated by Joan Paley
Published by Macmillan Children's Publishing Group

About the Book:
With the ocean her home, an ochre sea star hunts for her morning meal.  She folds over her rays and grips the rocky shore with sticky feet as she feasts on shellfish.  When she takes too long, the tide flows back without her and Sea Star becomes easy prey.  But she is built to survive and eventually makes her way back to the sea, although with one less ray than before.  This inspiring story informs young children about the important role of a small but fascinating sea creature.

My Thoughts:
Every time I read one of Janet Halfmann's books I always learn something new. And I'm sure you will too! I never realized that the sea star uses her rays to pry open a crack in sea shells and then her stomach comes out of the body and into the shell & turns it's body into a liquid to eat! Your children will learn all about how the Star Fish feeds, lives and even what happens when it loses one of it's rays! This is a great book for preschools to use during a lesson on star fish or the ocean and it's great for your home library too. There is a section in the back of the book that will explain about star fish and help you answer all those difficult questions your kids have like: "How do Star Fish see?" or "How do they grow their legs back?". There is also a small glossary with a few terms such as limpet, ochre, sea anemone.

Garter Snake at Willow Creek Lane (Smithsonian's Backyard)
by Janet Halfmann
Illustrated by Anne Wertheim
A Soundprints book by Smithsonian Institution, 
Ages 3-9, $15.56 on Amazon

About the Book:
Garter Snake has been on her own since birth. She has learned important skills including how to find meals and protect herself from predators like crows and dogs. Her biggest struggle of all will be finding a place spend the cold winters months. Children can follow Gartner Snake on this exciting adventure. Also included is an easy-to-download audiobook.

My Thoughts:

If you have a youngster that is fascinated with snakes, creepy crawly things this book will be right up their alley! You might even consider leaving it around if you have a kid that's scared about any of those creatures too! Your kid might just pick it up and ask you to read it to them and maybe understanding a snake's ways will help them not be so scared of them. 

This book is about the life of Garter Snake and the family who discovers her. Learn about how Garter Snake survives on her own, what happens when the family dog discovers her and where she lives and what happens when it turns cold. A great book for unit studies or the family bookshelf!

About the author: 
Janet Halfmann is the award-winning author of more than 30 children's fiction and non-fiction books. She strives to make her books come alive for her readers and listeners.  Janet grew up on a farm in Michigan and now lives in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a former daily newspaper reporter, children's magazine editor and creator of coloring and activity books for Golden Books.  janet is the mother of 4 and the grandmother of 4. Janet's website

Here is a entertaining interview with Janet & SFC magazine: (just click the arrow)

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of each of these books to review on CCB. No positive review was required and I wasn't paid any $ for my opinion. Thanks Janet!

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