Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Establishing a daily routine that includes God in our lives

How many of you have a daily routine that includes time spent with God? I can remember Mom and Dad trying to include a daily devotional time which of course always felt like they were preaching to us. It wasn't about encouraging us to get to know Christ as our Savior or our Friend - it was about telling us we HAD to do it and that as usual parents were always right and kids were wrong. Well, needless to say I didn't really want much to do with nightly devotions (neither did my brother who couldn't sit still at all and threw fits until dad gave up).

Adventures in Odyssey (my regular readers know how much I love AIO - and how they teach everyone (kids & grown ups alike) about God, our Faith and how we should live without preaching at us. They have come up with a new devotion aptly named "90 Devotions for Kids" (check out the audio here) which will help you with setting up a daily routine that includes God and His Word.

The 90 Devotions for Kids book which is designed for families with kids 8-12 includes illustrations, puzzles, and kid-friendly applications. It also includes a daily Bible verse, daily challenges, words of encouragement from different AIO characters, and more. Even if your kids aren’t already Adventures in Odyssey fans, they’ll enjoy these daily devotionals, and get to know the Odyssey crew along the way.

This devotional, and the edition coming this fall (90 Devotions for Kids: Life Changing Values from the Book of Matthew) are great tools to help your kids put a regular pause in their day for Bible reading, prayer, and thoughts about God. If you start now—by the first day of school, you’ll already have a spiritual component scheduled into your kids’ routine. After that, everything else will hopefully just fall into line!
Would you like to WIN a copy of 90 Devotions for Kids to start your kid's mornings & 2013 school year off right? Well, here's your chance! (or if you don't want to wait to see if you WIN - you can purchase it here).
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Disclaimer: I am part of the ACTS Team through Tyndale Kids and am sharing this with you because I think it's a great program! I was not offered anything in exchange for my participating and was not required to have a positive review. Thanks for reading CCB!


  1. i would share this in my home with my randkids when they visit

  2. This would be for my family and I to enjoy together. :)

  3. This would be for my 8 year old son.

  4. This would be for our son Anthony!

  5. I would keep it to use with my daycare and (future) foster kids.

  6. This would be for my daughter and granddaughter, both of whom are now regularly going to church!

  7. Still keeping the book, and wondering why this is a daily entry..

  8. I still really want to give this to our daughters.