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Week 5: Summer Book Club - The Phoenix Files, Contact

The Phoenix Files: Contact (Book 1) 
by Chris Morphews
ISBN: 978-1610670913
$6.99 (paperback)
$6.99 (ebook)

About the book:
Luke Hunter soon realizes that the new town he’s now living in is no ordinary town. Then he and his new friends, Peter and Jordan, discover a plot to wipe out the rest of the human race – in only one hundred days. The clock is ticking.

My thoughts:
Yes, I'm finally adding this series to my Summer Book Club. I've wanted to read it ever since Usborne started carrying it last year. Many of you know I wasn't to crazy about the Conspiracy 365 series that came out a couple years ago. It's such a huge series to read - and I really like that that this series is complete in 5-6 novels. The perfect length for a series of books for the middle grade.

The Phoenix Files is a series of books based on 3 teens who (along with their parents) move to the brand new town of Phoenix. It's in Australia somewhere out in the bush (for you Americans it's in the middle of NOWHERE). The teens and families arrive in a military grade helicopter with the windows spray painted over so they couldn't see where they were going. They are encouraged to bring nothing but their suitcases - the Phoenix Group (their parents are working for) will supply everything else they will need. There is a Phoenix High School where our 3 new Teen Friends attend school (in matching grey pants, white shirt and red ties), the houses are all identical (including matching matching furniture all in shades of grey) and there are no motorized vehicles - that's right no cars, trucks (except the supply trucks) and guess what? There is no communication with the outside world - unfortunately Luke's Dad is part of the outside world after he and his mother divorce and it turns out Luke's family is the ONLY family unit without 2 parents.

So what happens when Luke and Jordan (the last 2 families to be chosen to arrive) each receive a USB with a cryptic label on it, meet a crazed man called Crazy Bill and start an investigation with their new pal Peter?

All I can say is that I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series. The story gets kind of slow in the middle and I started wondering when the story was going to speed up some but the last few chapters of the book get very good and well, I finished this book sometime around 10 pm last night.

You can purchase this book and the other 4 books in this series (stay tuned for Doomsday to come out probably this fall!) - email me if you are in the US and I'll be happy to help you order. Otherwise you can find a consultant with Usborne Books in your community who would be glad to help you. =D

A Q&A with Chris Morphew:
I did find an interview regarding parts of the last book that was published in this series (Doomsday - email me if you'd like to order this series). You can hear the interview here - it features Chris (the author) answering questions from readers and also a little bit about why he wrote the series in the manner he did. Moms while your there enjoy his accent LOL). Check it out here:

Learn more about The Phoenix Files books on the authors (Chris Morphew) website:


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  1. I would love to try the Phoenix files. I was a big fan of the 39 clues books. I personally like these books because they are easy reads and my kids can follow when I read them to them.