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Week 6: Summer Book Club ~ Unleash

It's Here!

This is the last week of the 2013 Summer Book Club - thank you so much for joining us this year. I hope you all enjoyed the reviews and entered the giveaway. Is there a book that you especially want to read? If you haven't read all of the reviews yet.... scroll down below todays review and check out the other weeks.

Week 6: Unleash by Brock Eastman
$10.30 (paperback)

About the book:
The Wikk kids quest has unleashed their potential for adventure. Now working as a team, they face the greatest dangers yet: a plundered planet, lies and betrayal, and terrible lizards...

My thoughts:
Well. Where do I start? Unleash is the 3rd book in a fascinating, fast moving and edge of your seat series. It's a series that kids from 8 years old all the way to adult are thoroughly enjoying.

Unleash opens up with the kids traveling yet again this time to answer a distress call and to deliver Obbin back home to his family. Once they get to the planet they find out things have deteriorated rapidly and this time when they leave the planet things are no longer in the Wikk kid's control - including their ship and their lives. It's no longer about the kid's need to rescue their parents - but solving a riddle that is ages old and helping others escape the Ubel and a traitor.

This book covers more than just the riddle - the Wikk kids are introduced to the Creator, the Rescuer and the Helper by Obbin. Brock has introduced the story of Salvation in a unique way that should connect with most kids (and adults) and explain to them in an easy to understand way the sacrifice that Christ made for each of us. I did have to ask him about a key part of the Salvation story that is left out (for now) and he told me that it is a key part of the story and just may turn up in one of the remaining 2 books.... It will be very interesting to see how he ties all the pieces together because this story is far from being over and I'm sure it will continue to accelerate and end with a bang!

You can connect with Brock & the Wikk Kids on the Quest For Truth (as well as his many OTHER books) on his website. Check it out:


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The annual Summer Book Club Giveaway!
You can enter our great Summer Book Club Giveaway which will be drawn on August 1st - just in time for the last few weeks of summer when kids start to get bored and need something new to do. This year we will be running it a little different since I am officially without a computer (thanks to Malware & a nasty virus which wiped out my registry) -
How to Enter:
Each week return to CCB to read that week's review and enter that week's entry question. Each week there will be a mandatory question (as well as the usual provide your FULL Contact information) - without the contact information your answers and entries will be deleted. You'll also have the opportunity to enter via Tweeting, posting on FB and Sharing on any of the numerous linkies that are available. The non-mandatory entries are extras that you have the choice of getting extra entries.
The giveaway will include:
This weeks giveaway will include the FIRST book in this series so you can start at the beginning! This is one of those series that you can read individually - but really to get all the nitty gritty details and know what is really going on it's helpful to start at the beginning.
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Disclaimer: I was offered a copy of the book to read and review on CCB. I was not required to post a positive review and no $ exchanged hands. Thanks for reading CCB!

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