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Families Building Character Together ~ The Boy Who Changed the World

Did you know that what you do today can change the world forever?

The boy Who Changed the World is a rare book that introduces your children to the possibility that what they did yesterday and do today and tomorrow affects everything. It's a powerful tool that you can use to teach your parents about life.
The Boy Who Changed the World (Hardcover)

The Boy Who Changed the World
by Andy Andrews
Illustrated by Philip Hurst
ISBN: 9781400316052
Published by Tommy Nelson
Age 4+, $11.55, 40 pages, Hardback

From the Jacket: The Boy Who Changed the World teaches children how their actions can set off a spark that, in turn, influences the lives of others. As Andrews explains, "Every choice you make, good or bad, can make a difference."

Who would dream that a boy playing in Iowa cornfields would save the lives of more than 2 billion people? This is the incredible story of Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug, a simple boy with a desire to feed the hungry - but Borlaug couldn't have accomplished this without the help of Vice President Henry Wallace, who was influenced by inventor George Washington Carver, who in turn was rescued by farmer Moses Carver.

My thoughts:

I've wanted to review this book for a couple months ever since I was at Women of Faith and heard Andy Williams speak (and picked up this book). It's so true that each of us has been touched by another who was touched by someone else and so on. 

Norman is a boy who is growing up on a farm. He could be any little boy (or girl) that you know. When his fathers tells him, "You know son, we're blessed to have all this corn. There are many people in the world who do not have enough to eat." Norman wonders what it would be like to be hungry all the time. And he decides he will change the world.

Eventually Norman grows up and goes to college and then is sponsored by Mr Wallace who tells him to use what he learned in school to make special seeds that will grow into "super plants" and feed more people than ordinary plants.

Now, Norman wouldn't of been able to do this without the influence of people in his life. There is Henry Wallace (grew up to be the US Secretary of Agriculture & the Vice President of the United States of America!). Henry was influenced by George Washington Carver who learned that little things can make a big difference - everything we do matters. Every action you take, even small things, can change the world. Who was George Washington Carver influenced by? 
His Dad! 

This book is a powerful tool for teaching children that everything we do makes a difference - not only to us but to those in our future. It's neat how Andy Andrews takes the story of one man and shows us step by step by moving backward in time how one man 100 years ago made the right decision and that decision helps feed children your own kids' age. Each illustration extends the author's words and is a story in itself.

Amazing huh?

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I strongly suggest this book for every family. It's the perfect book to leave on your coffee table and kid's of all ages will be sure to pick it up and read it. 

I'm sure you noticed that I added pictures of butterflies. The butterflies were used by the illustrator throughout the book and after you read the book with your kids be sure to get a coloring page or two of butterflies. You can also find other butterfly activities on this website. Click here.

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