Friday, November 11, 2011

What are you thinking? ~ Book Review

What Are You Thinking?
What Are You Thinking?
by Valerie Ackley
Illustrated by Lori Nawyn
Published by: Thoughts Alive Books
ISBN-13: 978-0981674919
Age 7+, 30 pages
$12.71 Amazon

USA Book News 2009 Best Books Award Finalist

About the Book:
Do your children know the POWER of their THOUGHTS? This fully illustrated book introduces children to the concept that thoughts matter! Fun characters and humorous situations show that we tend to find what we are looking for, whether it is positive or negative. Your children will learn the importance of wisely selecting their dominant thoughts. FUN for ALL ages, "What are you thinking?" will inspire creativity, confidence, goal setting, gratitude and HOW to turn a bad day around! Parents can use this book as a spring board to discuss "thinking habits" with their children. It's the perfect choice for a unique and inspiring girt for those you love.

My Thoughts:
This is an important book that teaches kids that harnessing their thoughts gives them the power to succeed. Using examples from history, Ben Franklin, Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers, the outhouse - the toilet and so on your kid's see how a great idea can often result in a great invention. Kids will see how if you really want something you can come up with ways to get it - want a puppy - how can you earn the money yourself to get that puppy? It also focuses on attitude, persistence, and choosing to see the good in the bad.

The pictures are a bit chaotic but will appeal to kids of all ages with large, exaggerated images and big bright colors. The text is large, uses a variety of fonts and should be fairly easy for beginning readers who are comfortable reading with a little bit of help to read - just teach them to read by following their finger on the page.

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You can purchase this book on Amazon for $12.71 and for more information about the book check out these links:

About the author:
The idea for "What are You Thinking?" was born when Valerie Ackley (the mother of 5 sons) went to a seminar by Leslie Householder, the author of The Jackrabbit Factor. When she tried to find materials to use to teach her boys the lessons she learned at this seminar and couldn't, she decided to write this book as a tool to open discussions and topics between her and her children.

She hopes this book will be a tool to open a discussion between parents and children regarding the power of the mind, and the importance of wisely selecting our dominant thoughts. Valerie has seen her children benefit from applying these principles. She believes this book, with the delightful and humorous illustrations created by Lori Nawyn, will empower children and parents to enjoy the endless rewards of positive thinking.

Valerie is available for school and class presentations, for more information please contact her at:

Book Website                           Author's Blog

This book was was given to me to review on Classic Children's Books. I was not required nor was I paid to write a positive review.

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