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A Magical Christmas

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I discovered a short while ago that Disney and Hyperion Publishing have joined together to publish some great Children's books. These are books for kids as young as infants up to Middle Grade. They even have books for fans and collectors on Imagineering and on the Art of Disney.

This week I am going to feature several of the books that were sent to me to review. I enjoyed them so much and I'm sure you will too. Each of these books would make a great stocking stuffer, birthday gift and the Christmas ones are great for tradition - bring it out each year when you do your holiday decorating.

A Magical Christmas
A Magical ChristmasA Moving Pictures Book
Published by
Board Book for kids 3+

My thoughts:
A Magical Christmas is a "Moving Pictures" Book. One of those books that you tilt the book and the picture changes in front of you. With big exaggerated pictures and bright colors your kids will love looking at it. Each 2 page spread features a favorite holiday scene and has a 2 sentence description showing an event from WALL-E, Belle & the Beast, Huey, Louie and Dewey opening presents, Lady and the Tramp, Cars and more. It's a cute book - I personally would of loved more of a "story" but kids won't care about that - they will be focused on the movie pictures and remembering the story.

Children younger than 3 will like the book. I don't know if they will understand the moving picture and needing to tilt the book - but they will still connect with the pictures and "story". Don't be afraid to introduce it to 2 year olds.

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Clementine and the Family Meeting
by Sara Pennypacker
Pictures by Marla Frazee
Published by Disney-Hyperion Group
Series for kids 7+, 176 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1423123569

Clementine reminds me of a modern day Ramona Quimby. Remember Ramona? When Clementine sees a note on the refrigerator that her parents have called a family meeting she starts worrying that she's in trouble and she decides to try to figure out what she did while trying to be as good as she can be. What a surprise when she discovers the family meeting isn't because of what she did - but because they are going to have a New Baby! No Thanks! 4 is the perfect number - there are 2 boys and 2 girls and 4 sides to a table - how are they going to fit a New Member into their family?

The Clementine series is a top selling series for beginning readers (either being read to or fairly comfortable reading on their own). The font is large and easy to read, the story is engaging and all kids will understand how Clementine is feeling when she thinks she's in trouble and then gets a surprise. Perfect for Stocking Stuffers and birthday gifts - or for some summer reading! Read the first chapter of one of Clementine Books

(This would be fun to do in the winter time - playdate anyone?)

by Ridley Pearson & Dave Barry
Published by Disney-Hyperion
Series for kids 12+, 592 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1423108559

The Starcatchers series is wonderful! Don't let the length of the book scare you off - if your kids can read the Harry Potter series with no problems they won't have any trouble reading this one. Yes it's long - but engaging, action packed and full of scenes to trigger your kids imaginations.

I came in late on this series and will be adding the other books into my personal library. The Bridge to NeverLand and the whole Starcatchers series is based on the questions "how did Peter Pan come to be? and "how did he get to Neverland?" In this book you have a brother sister (Sarah & Aiden) team who come across a mystery box and in the hunt for the answers they go to Europe and the States to learn about the Shadow Thieves who are after them for a box they found. Lord Oombra is a wizard who is seen as crows that can transform to accomplish their evil deeds. They can "possess" a person also to get them to do what they need - and the only way to know that person has been possessed is through their dead eyes.

I don't usually like to bring books on Classic Children's Books that have wizardry (you'll never see a Harry Potter book on here) but occasionally if the book is destined to become a classic and it's High Performing you'll find it here.

I strongly suggest that you start with the first book. Maybe purchase books 1 & 2 for your kids to read, to add to their stockings, birthday gifts first and then continue working on the series a book or two at a time. You can read them out of order - but then you'll be sitting there thinking - I've GOT to read the others! 


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