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Howard B Wigglebottom ~ Book Review

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This week Classic Children's Books is hosting the Families Building Character Together event where we'll be using books to learn about honesty, bravery/courage, obedience and truthfulness through stories about individuals how portrayed character in their behavior.

We'll begin our week with the Preschool Group and the Howard B Wigglebottom series. This is a great series to introduce younger children to honesty, giving, sharing, listening, bullying. You can find these books at where they are ALL on sales right now for $7.50 (hardback) - it's a great addition to any family, church or school library. You'll also find different lessons, music, animated books and more.

Howard B Wigglebottom
and the Power of Giving: A Christmas Story
by Howard Binkow
Illustrated by Susan F Cornelison
ISBN: 978-0982616543
On sale - $7.50 Click Here

It was Christmas time, the season for GIVING - but for 
Howard B Wigglebottom, it was the season for GETTING!

Howard is a little bunny who can't give up anything of his. Everything is so precious to him and he is so worried about losing any of it or someone else getting his things that one day he takes off with a bag full of ALL his toys and starts walking.

As he's walking he meets new friends who are homeless and he realizes that his mother is right, he has way too much stuff and he decides that what he really wants is to appreciate the good things he already has.

This book opens the opportunity to discuss Giving & Sharing, Listening & Following the Rules, Talking to Strangers and being Homeless. There are reflections in the end of the book that you can use to give you ideas on how to discuss these behaviors with your children (age 3+).

You & your kids can color your own book. Just You can also color it online if you'd like and I'm assuming you can print it after coloring.

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