Thursday, March 15, 2012

Classic Reading for Kids 2012 - bonus days!


I have a bookfair starting today and need to take a couple days off for set up and working with the teachers and parents to get it going. So, I'm going to take Thursday/Friday off and do my last days review & giveaway tomorrow. Hope ya don't mind.

Thursday/Friday only, I am offering 25 FREE points in the Classic Reading 4 Kids Pack of Books.  There are a few rules though:
  • you MUST follow this blog on Linky Followers (on the sidebar)
  • you MUST do the mandatory entries or the FREEBIE entry won't open up for you.
  • The daily question is going to be closed off. But you do need to TWEET out the giveaway as a mandatory entry in order to access the FREEBIE entry.
Note: the FREEBIE question is listed as : Leave A Blog Post Comment - it's a simple comment not much work other than to type a sentence or two. =D

Click on the GREEN button to enter:


  1. I don't have a twitter account but I just wanted to say that I'm am ENJOYING this Classic Children's event. Thank you.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    1. Hi Carol - thanks so much for such a nice comment. I'm glad your enjoying it. We should be heading into the last day and a special surprise announcement about a new book coming up by a very famous author!

      Stay tuned! Tina 'the book lady'