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Day 4 Classic Reading for Kids ~ A Kiss For Little Bear

Classic Reading for Kids is an annual event hosted by myself and Ella of where we focus on Classic Reading for Kids and then we GIVE THEM AWAY! 

Today and each day this week I will be focusing on my favorite books for the Preschool Age Group and on Saturday - I will be giving them ALL away to ONE LUCKY winner! Is that winner going to be you? You'll find out on Saturday!

To enter the giveaway this week you must return to my blog each day where I will post the answer to that day's entry. To receive your entry that day you will need that answer. Ella will be featuring 5 books on her blog too and doing a giveaway there as well. So, you have 2 chances to WIN big this week!

Little Bear
by Elsa Holmelund Minarik
ISBN: 978-0064440042
$3.95 Paperback or $7.04 for the Boxed Set

About the Book:
Meet Little Bear, a friend to millions of children. And meet Mother Bear, who is there whenever Little Bear needs her. When it is cold and snowy outside, she finds just the right outfit for Little Bear to play in. When he goes to the moon, she has a hot lunch waiting for him on his return. At night she helps him get to sleep. And, of course, she never forgets his birthday!

My Thoughts:
I still remember sitting with Dad reading this book. It's one of 3 books I remember reading as a preschooler. Our time together was very limited and the only time I ever had anyone read to me was at bedtime. Our ritual was Little Bear one night. Beady Bear another night and The Night Before Christmas which the poor guy had memorized. Oh yeah, there were a few Dr Seuss' too (Dad HATED Dr Seuss!).  

Written by Elsa Holmelund Minarik when she decided that her daughter didn't have enough books to read (just what all parents should do - write books FOR your children!). Little Bear is the first of 4 books about the adventures of a little bear. Little Bear uses his imagination to go to the moon, uses his initiative to make a birthday soup for himself and entertains his guests when they turn up. And that's ALL in Book 1!. 

Little Bear was the first book in the "I Can Read" series that has been around since 1954 and since then Little Bear has continued to be a favorite among children and a book parents love to share with their kids. Little Bear is a great book for beginning readers and for "listeners" as well. The text is large and the words are simple, with very little rhyming (not intentionally anyway) and the subject is interesting enough to keep kids attention. And best of all, for children ages 4-8, your child will connect and bond with a little bear who seems like them - except he has paws and fur all over his body!

The Little Bear Series:

About the author:
Else Holmelund Minarik was born in Denmark in 1920 but came to the US at the age of 4. She found learning English very difficult and her father introduced her to cowboy movies and her mother took her to the playground to help her learn English as she learned to play with new friends. Else was gifted in telling stories in simple, captivating words and used that ability in writing over 20 books much of which is still in print.

Classic Reading for Kid's Giveaway:
It's Day 4 of the Classic Reading for Kid's Giveaway Event. I've officially changed the mandatory entry to today's question. Be sure to read this post to know the answer. 

On Sunday my drawing will include a copy of Little Bear which contains 3 stories: Little Bear, Snowy Day and Birthday Soup. Your child will love them as much as I did! =D

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