Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Reading for Kids!

The weather outside is so beautiful
and the swing is so delightful
and since we've no place to go....
Let Us Read,  Let Us Read,  Let Us Read, !
Oh NO! It's Raining!

It doesn't show signs of stopping,
And Mom's brought corn she popped,
We snuggle up close for a little Fairy School
Let Us Read, Let Us Read, Let Us Read!


When we're all finally snuggled up tight
Dad'll read a scary story or two
full of enchanted castles and deep dark forests


At Bedtime I'll hide under the covers,
filling my mind with lots of adventure
to keep me company all night long!

Ok, I'm definitely NOT a poet. I was going to try to change the lyrics of Let It Snow to Let Us Read and include mentions of some of the great spring reads available for kids & to give you FUN ideas for Easter Basket fillers.... But, well, there it is..... Let Us Read, Let Us Read, Let Us Read!

A few others you'll enjoy too! (Click on the picture for more information!)


Closing THIS Wednesday! 3/30

It's NOT to late to order your books for Easter Baskets! Did you know you can fill those baskets with TREATS that are GOOD for your children ~ things don't break and fall apart 24 hours after your kids play with them? The Northwest Preschool Bookfair closes on Wednesday 3/30 and you'll have the books in time for Easter (in the continental states & HI/AK only please - I've never shipped to HI & AK so I don't know shipping times for there or for the APO's.)

If you'd like to order to help out the preschool & order books for Easter (or anytime), click the "Enter Here" button:


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  3. love your rhyming! (sp?)hopefully my spelling is close on that one. You did awesome... and yes I got the Let it Snow.. or rather.. Let Us Read... Blessings

  4. Thanks for sharing these books! I'm always looking for new ones to read to my son. Have a great day!

  5. Love love love books for kids! Will bookmark this as I'm about to buy new books to fill the shelves in.