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Spring into Books Hop & Giveaway!

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War of the Seasons
Book 1: The Human
by Janine K Spendlove
ISBN: 978-0983656708
Age 15 to adult
Purchase: $14.99 (paperback)
                 $4.99 (kindle)

About the book:
The Human is the story of a 17 year old girl, Story, who finds herself in a strange world after falling during a spelunking accident. Drawn deeper and deeper into this new world as she searches for a way home, Story finds herself at the center of an ancient feud between the elf and fairy races who are struggling for dominance. This is a tale of love and self-discovery and coming to terms with a terrible loss.

Eirnin's silver eyes, now showing hints of bright yellow, widened in astonishment as he stared, transfixed, at the red blood dripping from the wound on Story's foot.

"What are you?"

A simple question with a not-so-simple answer for 17 year old Story, who finds herself, a lone human, thrust in the middle of a war between creatures she once thought only existed in faerie tales.

My thoughts:
To be honest, I didn't expect to read this book yet. I'm about 2 months behind on my reading (actually about 6 weeks, maybe) and I certainly didn't expect to read this in one night - it's 363 pages long! But well, I received this package in the mail and thought I'd read the first paragraph and get an idea what's it about and I got hooked!!

This is the story of a 17 year old girl named "Story". She's angry, furious at the world, thinking about quitting school and missing the direction and stability her father gave her before his and Story's younger siblings were killed in a car accident. She decides to go caving with a friend - the only one that has stood behind her - and ends up falling into another world.

Ailionora is a world of elves (now you know why I was hooked), faeries, gnome's and sirens (dryads). The faeries are bad and there is a war between them and the elves who have lost their immorality and are dying off. The faeries however are immortal also and like to create mischief especially against the other citizens of Ailionora ~ but with "wards" or spells they can be held off so they can't hurt others and are forced to leave others alone.

In The Human, Story is the tool that the elves can use to remove the curse of mortality. The scales are turned and the war begins.

I do want to caution you about only letting older kids read this book. It's not the violence and I didn't notice any bad language in the book - but there is some heavy petting and certain thoughts rolling through Story's mind and you can guess what those are. There is no action though - so if your younger kids 13+ do pick up the book don't panic. This is definitely a book for older teens and adults.

I am very much looking forward to reading Book 2 The Half Blood. The final draft is in the final stages and we can look forward to this new installment in War of the Seasons. I did ask the author how long this series is going to be and she thinks it will be a trilogy with several short stories throughout. So you can expect to enjoy this series for a while. =D

Read an excerpt.

Order The Human by clicking here. It's available as a paperback, Kindle, Nook and as an iBook.

You can also read: The Girl which is the story of Story's father. Do keep in mind that this book is for adults only. Click here to order for $9.94 Click here to read a sample of the book.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing read my grand daughter would love. Thanks for this opportunity.
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  7. Janine K. Spendlove is a KC-130 pilot for the United States Marine Corps What a great person and an honorable one too.

  8. I learned that the book was written for a young man named will.