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Classic Reading for Kids: Pinocchio - Review & Giveaway

Stumble Tumble TuesdayThis is the last week of the Classic Reading for Kids reading series. We've been reviewing 4 great books by "turn of the century" authors (the 19th-20th century that is). Next week I plan to complete the series with a few thoughts on why and when you should introduce your children to the classics - particularly older classics. You can read the other reviews here:

Classic Starts: Pinocchio (Classic Starts Series)Pinocchio
by Carlo Collodi
Age 9-12, 272 pages
ISBN: 978-0140367089
Puffin Publishing

"how do you know I am lying?"
"Lies, my boy, are known in a moment. There are two kinds of lies, lies with short legs and lies with long noses. yours, just now, happen to have long noses."
Pinocchio, not knowing where to hide his shame, tried to escape from the room, but his nose had become so long that he could not get it our of the door. (from Adventures of Pinocchio)

About the Book:
The old wood-carver Geppetto decides to make a wonderful puppet which can dance and turn somersaults, but by chance he chooses an unusual piece of wood - and the finished puppet can talk and misbehave like the liveliest child. But Pinocchio is brave and inquisitive as well as naughty, and after some hair-raising adventures, he earns his heart's desire.

My Thoughts:
Pinocchio has long been one of my favorites. I received a set of 4 records with 8 classics stories when I was 8 and one of the stories was Pinocchio and I've loved that story ever since. This is the story of Pinocchio, a little puppet boy made of wood who has great adventures and yearns to be a "real" boy. 

The book itself includes other adventures not included in the movie. And your kid's will love following along with Pinocchio's adventures as he learns about being honest, obedient and love. Much of Pinocchio's problems start with curiosity and peer pressure just like you're kid's. But ultimately his love of Geppeto and his need to obey wins over taunts and encouragement from his new found "friends" to do what he thinks he wants to do.

Pinocchio is a great 2nd book to read to your child. Each chapter is almost a story in itself and you can begin working with your child on their reading comprehension and on remembering what happened during your last reading session. There are parts of the book that might be a little scary for your children so you may want to read it first - 

Pinocchio, alive in the beginning of the book, has to learn how to be generous through hard lessons. His feet are burned off, he is chained and he is even hanged. "...I am a heedless Marionette - heedless and heartless," Pinocchio says. "Oh! If I had only had a bit of heart..."
About the author:
Carlo Collodi, 1825-1890, is actually the pen name for Carlo Lorenzini who was a Italian author and journalist in Florence.  He was actually sent to seminary to become a priest but after graduating he began working for a bookseller and after 1870 settled down to journaling, writing comedies and telling stories for children. Many of his stories are based on fairy tales by the French writer Charles Perrault.

I am giving away a copy of Pinocchio to one of my readers. I am giving you the option between the Classic Starts version for younger children (here) or the the Puffin Classics for slightly older kids (here). Both are outstanding introductions to the abridged story of Pinocchio.


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