Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sheila Walsh - Gabby God's Little Angel

Sheila Walsh is debuting a new series this month about a little angel named Gabby. 
(Can't you just hear Sheila reading it with her Scottish accent? - Love it!)

PhotobucketGabby, God's Little Angel
by Sheila Walsh
Age 4-8, 32 pages
Thomas Nelson Publishing
ISBN: 978-1400317158

About the book:
What little girl wouldn't love her very own guardian angel? Parents and children alike will be won over by this humorous tale of Gabby, a guardian angel in training who has much to learn about taking care of God's little ones. Her new assignment is to protect a young girl named Sophie, but Gabby soon realizes that watching after Sophie is a bigger challenge than she had expected! After a close call while riding her pony, Sophie learns what the Bible says about guardian angels: "He will put his angels in charge of you. They will watch over you wherever you go" (Psalm 91:11 ICB).

The Trailer:

My thoughts:
I haven't actually seen this book yet but I have read other books written by Sheila Walsh and I've heard her speak at Women Of Faith conferences several times. Sheila has a heart given to God and longs to share his word and love to everyone young and old. 

This new series looks like it will fast become a new favorite for little girls age 4-8. And it should become a classic for your home library. The artwork in the book reminds me of the Precious Moments drawings and figurines and the story about a little angel in Guardian Angel school is adorable and your children will recognize themselves in the antics and mishaps that happen to Gabby.

Sheila WalshThe contest:
I entered a contest to try and win a copy of Gabby, God's Little Angel from Sheila & Litfuse by helping with the marketing of this cute new book. You can help spread the news too if you'd like. Just go to Sheila's Blog and you can read all the details. I'm sure the free copies of the new books have already been given out (she had 100 copies I think) and I'm sure I'm number 562 or so - but it's always fun to dream a little, isn't it?

I hope you win too! =D ~Tina "The Book Lady"

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