Monday, September 19, 2011

We're back!

Family Literacy is back after receiving an error message on Google saying that one of my readers has malware. I have just moved my blog over instead of dealing with trying to figure out how to get the message off of Google when it doesn't show up at work, or any of the other browsers & both of my anti-virus say I don't have anything on my blog. =D Which is a HUGE relief as I just had my computer rebuilt!

I have renamed my blog "Classic Children's Books" - I've fallen in love with that name. It just seems to roll off my tongue instead of stumbling off like Family Literacy & You did. That being said I'll probably just call it Classics. LOL - I always seem to abbreviate everything.

3 Giveaways: 
Classic Reading for Kids, Wk 4 will be back next week. For now I will leave Wk 3 up on GivingNSharing and you can just click on the Peter Pan book which is this weeks Classics Literature giveaway. And if you'd like to enter my $50's in Usborne Books giveaway this month feel free - it's up and running and ends on Sept 30th. Just click on the picture of the giveaway(s) you want to enter - Thanks!

Buy Charming Classics Peter Pan - Paperback with Charm Necklace at Photobucket 

PS: Our last week of Classic Reading for Kids in September I will have a review of Pinnochio and Heidi and so you'll want to be sure to return to enter that contest too. The winner will have their choice of which book they want sent to them. =D

See ya! ~ Tina

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