Monday, September 19, 2011

Where do you read your books?

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Where do you read at night?  Is it comfortable, you can swing your legs over the arm and slouch down while reading The Great American Novel?  We had a chair like that when I was a kid.  It was big, easily sat 2 people - or Dad and ME while we read the Great American Storybook (LOL).  I so wish I still had that chair - I wonder what happened to it?  The arms and basic chair frame were solid oak with a big old green back and seat.  You wouldn't think it would of been very comfortable but it was.

My friend Caitlin at Wayfair pointed out this chair.  The design is timeless, comfortable and I would throw a quilt over the back and enjoy curling up near the fire.  Herman Miller of Eames designed this chair back in 1956 with the ultimate goal of having a chair that is as warm and receptive as a well-used first baseman's mitt.  (Now, doesn't that sound comfortable?)  There are over 30 color/fabric swatches available and you can make your own "one of a kind" chair - just be sure to order the ottoman and chair at the same time so the woods match.  The chair has a 100% price matching guarantee and a 12 year manufacturer warranty which shows pride in their workmanship and trust that you and your family will LOVE reading the Great American Storybook just like my Dad and I did in our Green leather rocker way back in the 70's.

The Eames Lounge Chair looks extremely comfortable to me and I would love to have this in my  "office" (if you can call it that). This one looks like the lower back would be supported and I wouldn't end up all hunched over while I work. 

BTW, did you know the CSN is now Wayfair? They've changed their name and are busy rebranding their site. It looks beautiful, with the same high quality products and service - and a new name!

Do you have any favorite memories of reading as a child?  Please share them by commenting below - thanks!


  1. That chair looks so comfortable! Whenever I pick out chairs I always make my decision based on whether I can imagine myself reading in it or not! LOL

    As a child, I would lay on the floor between my bed and the wall where nobody could see me and I would read for hours. It was my little escape, my mother would get so frustrated when she couldn't find me!

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    Stacey @ The Write to Make a Living

  2. Stacey - thanks for your comment. I never thought about hiding between the bed and the wall. What a good idea. I tried to set up a little area in my closet for a place of my own but my step mom wouldn't let me do it. When we moved out to the country I read a lot up in the hayloft. It was quiet and no one bothered me there. =D


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  5. I read in bed or on the deck. That chair looks super comfy!

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  6. Skip the Eames chair, I want an oaken beast like you described from your childhood!

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